Sunday, December 16, 2012

Working Hard... Again~

Hello again, everyone~! ♥ Thank you for joining me once again as I unravel the coils of thread in my life. Lol.

Some of our yummy cookies. >w<
Oh goodness, it's been such a long time since I've posted! x_x I'm beginning to hate the holidays. They eat me up and don't spit me out until two weeks AFTER. x_x Oh dear, have I been busy! Just yesterday, my family (munchkin and all) made sugar cookies... two LARGE batches, baked, cooled, frosted, and sprinkled. >.< It took about 9 hours to complete... 9 hours... for cookies... with seven people and a toddler... (well, 5-6 people, since someone was ALWAYS chasing Kole, lol).

As you know, I have been working on winter clothing and outfits. Currently, I am working on a snugglie pair of pajamas and a snowflake set for yo-SD, a pair of pajamas for MSD, and those two outfits my friend commissioned ages ago. x_x (I feel so bad that I haven't been faster with them... :( Things are so busy lately that I don't get up to the store as often as I'd like... And this fabric is proving to be hard to find... I may need to order it... >.> Or buy it in white and dye it the proper color...)

Chinese character for "jiā" (family; home).

Whew! To sit down! XD It's nice! I finally have a moment to type! With the holidays so close and school just letting out, I've been trapped doing this or that every moment of every day until I finally hit the pillows after midnight. x_x (And then waking whenever Kole has a nightmare. :( My poor dear.) I managed to ace my Chinese final, get a B on my English final essay, and a C on my math final (I'm VERY bad at math, so it's passing, I'll take it! XD). School let out last Monday, though, so I'm done for now until January 22nd. :)

Well... I do believe my entire schedule until after Christmas is full to the utter brim. >w< There's pictures and gingerbread houses, last minute decorating and shopping, and all sorts of friendly time to be spent. :) I'm both happy and flustered. Holidays are not my thing... Especially when family members do nothing but make you feel guilty about not being able to be in 3-4 places at once... Ahh well, I suppose if I live to tell the tale, I shall write a snipit of how it goes afterwards.

Okay, that's it for now, I should go and get ready for bed. I am utterly spent after this long weekend... z_z

Thanks for reading, as always. :) Hopefully I'll have more to write next time... Updates and such... But for now, this will have to do.

See you next time~
♥ The BJD Addict

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Things My Mind is Stuck On

Oh goodness, hello again! :) It seems I will have time to get more than one entry this month.

As you can see, this entry shall be dedicated to those things that I just can't stop thinking about. I mean, seriously, they wont leave my head! So please, bear with me while I gush...

Thing 1: Doctor Who
For the last few weeks, I've been watching Doctor Who and all related things when Kole's asleep for the night and I'm finished with homework. I don't normally watch television, so it was a nice little wind-down after a long day, something I wasn't really used to doing. So now, my FaceBook wall has been all things Whovian for the past month or more, driving my mother mad. She hates it when I get stuck on something.

Thing 2: The Twins
Remember from a super old entry, I talked about two BlueFairy dolls I wanted? The boy and girl version of Choice Leila? Well, they stopped production on the size I wanted (though, they allow the option from the new size), and made them closer to Rolly's size. Now, I can't stop thinking about them. I've wanted them for about 7 months now, and they're just creeping into my mind as often as they can. Lol. Hanna and Hazel... My first little family I created doll-wise. At their new size, they are even more precious, which might be why I can't stop thinking about them, but still, they are a VERY big want currently. Someone tell my fiancee, I already wrote my Christmas list! >w< ♥ It's a very expensive Christmas list, but that's to be expected with BJD. >w< At least two smaller dolls are still cheaper than one large doll.

Thing 3: The Winter Holiday Season
Thanks to my younger sister, I am also stuck on that holiday that comes in the wintertime. For my family and some friends: it's Christmas, for some of my friends: it's Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, for me: it's Yule/The Winter Solstice. My sister wanted to put the tree up LAST TUESDAY! So she and her betrothed (he got her a promise ring, but no engagement yet, they want to finish college) put up a tiny, 2 foot tree on the mantel of our fireplace. It's adorable and has white lights, and white and red bulbs. Which made me decide that I want red and white this year, instead of my usual blue and silver, though I DO love blue and silver during winter. >w< I can't help myself!

Thing 4: Sewing a Yo-SD Winter Outfit
Since I am stuck on the holidays, I decided to make Rolly a new outfit. It's a prototype for my Yo-SD clothing line, but the first copy will be my spoiled little girl's. Lol. I don't really play favorites, I just think it's because she's the first doll that is coming out right when I attempt to make her look like I want. Lol. It's an awful photo (she did NOT want her picture taken whatsoever!), but this is her new dress. I made socks (not the ones pictured) and I'm currently working on the shirt that goes with it, but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. The sleeves just refuse to turn out properly. :( It's going to be a turtleneck, a nice white one, but we'll see if it even works. I may need to go buy more of the white fabric and just start over. I was using scraps from all the stockings I made (or practiced with).

Thing 5: Life
Thing five is mostly schoolwork and the house. I'm all nervous about failing school or about making the house World War III. -_- It's just not making for a fun time right now. I'm currently making three As and a B, but it's taking a lot out of me. This is the first time that I'm almost straight As in school, and it's come with online classes, where I can pay attention, but there is TONS more work to do with each class. And tons of housework I have to do by myself because everyone's logic is, "She's home with Kole while we're gone all day, the mess must be hers." So I do my best each day, and then the logic is, "She does nothing while we're gone all day!" -_- Yeah... Okay... Great... Thanks guys. Love you too! ♥

But anywho, thanks for reading. :) I hope to have more info on the Dolpa with my next post, but no promises. I can only give what is out and available.

Until next time~!
♥ The BJD Addict

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Everything~!

New month, new clothes, new happenings, new dolls, new face-ups, new everything~! ♥

Fallen's body arrived! :) I put her head on and tossed some extra clothes (reject sundress and some stockings) for now. (Though, she's currently in pieces because she needs to be restrung. Her arms would not pose properly.) She's very lovely, and a whole inch taller than Shii-Tsuu.

Fallen and Rolly both got new face-ups, and Shii-Tsuu is cleaned and awaiting her own. I want to make her look like herself, but goodness only knows if she will turn out properly or not.

Rolly got her Halloween dress finished as well. I didn't make a hairpiece, but she still has an outfit. Perhaps I can finish it next year... Add to it and make it look better.

I managed to get new eyes for Talia, and a wig and eyes for Lettie (the Leeke Ariana on layaway). Even some new art supplies and cleaning supplies for the girls. :)

Midterm week and the week after ate me, but I think I did pretty well on my midterms. :) Even finished one class with a B. (Everything else has As, as far as I know. >w< Some grades haven't been full updated yet.) Loads of math homework for today, though, and another English essay to complete. Oi vey, these essays take forever... I hope this one flies by quickly.

Working on designs for Christmas and the holiday season already. Fall Fashions never really got finished from my school workload, so I decided to mush the two together and have it set by December. Let's hope I can do so... x_x Being one person sewing and designing everything is definitely more than I thought I'd be getting into with Kole and school. Hopefully I'll have everything set by or on December 15th. It's my last day of class, so I know things might leak past that, but maybe I can at least get a couple things up. :\ How discouraging. Lol. I have a lot of blue fabric, similar to this snowflake kind, so perhaps I can make some dresses for the holidays. :)

I've been watching Doctor Who (2005) during the night when Kole wont sleep. He hasn't been sleeping A LOT lately, so I've gotten pretty far (I don't want to go to bed with him in the next room up and messing around, I like to know he's sleeping before I finally go to bed). So, I've also been dabbling with the idea of some Doctor Who inspired things for the dolls, like plushies and whatnot, but think I should cover the holidays first... Maybe just some sketches. Lol.

I hope everyone who participated enjoyed VOLKS JP's new base doll sale last month. I would love to see some photos of your girls, if you wanted to send them to me. :) I can add them to the "Fan Gallery" wall. Also, VOLKS Dolpa 28 is coming this December~! I saw a sneak preview with Yo-SDs Kanon and Neon~! If I could, I would LOVE Kanon, but we still do not know if she is available or not. >w< One can hope! I'd love to make her Chika's big sister... Now, to just decide on names... >.> ANYWAYS: The Guide Book is essentially your passport to get into the Dolpa, so you DO NOT need to buy one if you ARE NOT going to the Dolpa (It's in Japan... >.>), but they're always cute to see. The Dolpa is December 16th, 2012, from 10AM to 5PM, Japan Time. I believe you can participate online, but if not, I will update my facts. I wish everyone luck! ♥

Well, this entry is getting waaay too long. Time to go work on some homework. ;) Gotta finish math and add more to that essay I'm dreading. Lol. I also need to work some more on the two outfits my friend ordered. My second order! Wahoo~! She said take my time because she knows I'm busy, but I still want to get them out in a timely manner. It's already been a few weeks. x_x I feel so bad. Between school and family things, nothing is going to plan. I have a wake tomorrow and a funeral on Tuesday. :( Those things are never fun...

Well, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the info~!

See you again soon!
♥ The BJD Addict

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Oh, my goodness! I've done it! I've made it through the first half of the semester with A's!! >w<  Midterms are all this week and next, and I've been working hard. I'm so glad I gave school a try this semester. Everything is going so well! I'm actually very proud of myself for once. Lol. I hope I can keep this up until December 15th! >w< (My last day of this semester.) Which reminds me, October 22nd opens when we can sign up for Spring Semester. I'd better remember to do that! Lol. I'll have to do it Wednesday of that week while I'm up there. x_x I hope the line doesn't make me late for class!

On a dolly note, I DID manage to get many things set for the dollies this past week. I put that LeekeWorld Ariana (snow skin) on layaway at DDE!! >w< I'm so glad! Hopefully I can have her paid off by December so she'll be here for the holidays. I also got new ZM Powder and Cleaner on its way from VOLKS USA, Talia's outfit from NiceNiece on Etsy, eyes for both Talia and Lettie (the Leeke Ariana) from Safrin Doll, a sock monkey hat for Rolly from my friend Riven from Riven's Vagaries, and a wig from a lady selling an 11in Real Red wig from Leeke on BJD Adoption on FaceBook. All I need now is new pastels and some sticky tack from Pat Catan's and I will be all set! :D Rolly and C.C. are BOTH in need of a new face-up, since Rolly's has miraculously chipped off and C.C.'s needs to look more like herself in Code Geass, especially now knowing that I already draw her kind of eyes whenever I draw eyes. Lol. So, hopefully, they will look much nicer this time around. >w< ♥ Fallen is getting one too, since her body should be here soon. :3

Halloween costumes and Fall Fashions are coming along nicely. Once I get decent pictures, Yo-SD jeans will go up in the store, and once my shirt comes out properly, Yo-SD long-sleeve shirts will be up as well. Rolly's pumpkin costume is looking cute, but her hat and shoes just did NOT want to work for me, so I've decided to just do cute little ribbons in her hair and let her go in her socks. :) She's already adorable without any extras. I just need to make sure to be done with her face up before the Halloween party on the 27th. The face-up in the picture has already been taken off, but here was a chip on her lip where the sealant flaked off, so I decided it was best to keep her in her box before anything else happened. I'm always afraid of ruining things, so I usually play it safe with the girls. I have no clue as to why it flaked off. :( I just hope I can fix it...

I also took Talia apart. I figured out her legs had been put on with the opposite shins. :( That was why her legs were so kicky, so I'm hoping to fix her as soon as I know how much elastic to use with her. Lol. She will look so cute when she's done too! I'm really excited! >w<

But alright, that's enough rambling for one day. Got to get back to studying for those midterms. >.< Wish me luck~!

Thanks for reading~!

Come again soon~!
♥The BJD Addict

Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween

So, I, along with many ball-jointed doll sites, are already getting set for Halloween 2012! Whether you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, or hate the holiday all together, there are a few things you may want to know coming to a BJD webstore near you. ;)

AB Rogita the Witch
Peak's Woods is having an event this October! First 30 orders from now until Oct. 15th will get a FREE 61cm doll dress, the one their new Rogita Witch is wearing in her promo photos! The doll(s) you order is(are) also guaranteed to arrive to you by Halloween, so long as your order is placed by or before the 25th of this month. They are also holding a gate picture contest. They want you to create a main gate for the PW site with the theme of Halloween or Christmas. Contest begins Oct. 5th and runs through the 15th. Winner will receive a blank Fairy of Fairytales doll of their choice. For full information, click here! or go to Peak's Woods and log in to read their news board.

Shiro Tachibana

Alice's Collections has many offers going on in their webstore currently. The Free Shipping offer is the big one. ;) Check here! if you'd like to see all of the offers and their qualifiers.

VOLKS USA's Tenshi-no-Sumika Blog has announced that there will be a SD17B Shiro Tachibana Lottery going on this Saturday (Oct. 6th). So, if you want Jun Tachibana's older brother, here he is ladies and gentleman! This young man is going to take a bite out of your wallet at a whopping $1,925 before tax and shipping. Entry period ends on Oct. 27th at 3:00PM PST. Only one entry per person AND you must visit Tenshi-no-Sumika IN PERSON and speak to an employee directly about entering.

Mint on Card, Inc. is having a Fall Event with Doll Love, Illusion Spirit, Only-Doll, and Xaga-Doll.
  • From the 1st through the 15th, customers who order Doll Love pre-orders can take advantage of getting their doll at 10% off -OR- with free face-up! For more on the Doll Love Event, click here! 
  • Illusion Spirit's Fall Event is from Sept. 20th through Oct. 19th. Customers who pre-order Illusion Spirit products can take advantage of 1) Pre-Order any 1/4, 1/3, or 70cm Blank Doll: Receive 12% off at check-out + 1 free pair of Jointed Hands -OR- 1 free blank head.  2) Pre-Order any 1/6 or 1/12 Blank Doll: Receive 12% off at check-out!  3) Pre-Order any Body: Receive 10% off at check-out!  Or 4) Pre-Order any size Jointed Hands: Price is now reduced to $65.00 a pair, (regular price is $80.00 - $90.00)! For more information about this event, click here! 
  • With the Only Doll Fall Event, like the Doll Love Event, customers who order Only-Doll pre-orders can take advantage of getting their doll at 10% off -OR- with free face-up. Going on at Mint on Card from today through the 15th. For more information about this event, click here! 
  • And finally, for Xaga-Doll's Event: if you plan on ordering the Limited Hecate or Clear, you will receive a free Bobo pet (blank) with your purchase. Remember, Hecate is limited to 50 dolls world-wide, and Clear is limited to only 30 dolls world-wide! If you want to know more, click here!  
Please note that Mint on Card has now created a separate site for those outside the United States. If you are one of those people, please click here instead to go to their new global site. Also, all Events are currently going on in their respective doll companies, so if you'd prefer to order directly from them, please click the links attached to the names of the doll-sites above. (Doll Love and Only-Doll Events are both with M.o.C. ONLY.) However, the sites may be in another language.

I will try to update this again if I find anymore sites having Fall Events. If not, good luck with these ones! I hope everyone enjoys these events before time runs out!!

Also, hoping to get my hands on a LeekeWorld Ariana sometime soon. ;) (Along with miscellaneous supplies.) So, wish me luck! ♥ Her odd face has charmed me since I first started my researching of BJD earlier this year. I'm praying the one I've found will soon be mine. >w< Lest someone gets her first. Lol.

As always, thanks for joining me! Tell your friends! Share the entry! And be sure to check out and 'Like' my FaceBook page for regular updates and events! (Like: Yo-SD clothing is currently being made!)

See you again soon!
-The BJD Addict

Friday, September 28, 2012

Enjoying Fall

Hello all! :) Hope everyone is well on this marvelous fall day!

Rolly's pants.
More info at the BJB on FaceBook.
So, I've decided to take up working on all of my girls again, you know, fixing their hair, redoing their face-up, getting/making them new clothes. Talia finally has a wig, though she is now sitting unstrung because of a kicky leg. C.C. is still sitting pretty right now, but that's only because she is still waiting on that ankle replacement from Parabox. :\ The poor dear... And Rolly is happily sporting a new pair of jeans made by yours truly. :) They actually don't look half bad for my first try. Lol. In case you are wondering, I am currently working on warm clothing/fall-winter fashions for the lovelies right now. The jeans will be going to the Ball-Jointed Boutique as soon as I finish embellishing them (which means, as soon as I get jean buttons for them, lol). I also plan on having warm shirts, vests, jackets, stockings, skirts, and scarfs. I'm debating on the idea of mittens, but we'll see how well my test pair turns out before I make my decision.

J.K. Rowling's new book
"The Casual Vacancy".
I also found a book I want to read. J.K. Rowling's "The Casual Vacancy" came out yesterday, Thursday, September 27th, 2012, and she is the whole reason I ever thought that I would be able to write one day. So, naturally, I want to read this book just because it's hers. Unfortunately, there are many people reading it, or not finishing it, and giving it bad reviews for the most ridiculous reasons. Someone bought "A Casual Vacancy" and returned it because it said the "f-word". Now, I don't know about you, but I know for a fact that the Harry Potter books WE (Americans) read were different than the copies in London. Why, you may ask? Because it used many words that we, as children, were not likely to know the meanings of (Philosopher's Stone, for example). THIS novel, on the other hand, is coming over here untouched and unchanged, so all the words they are reading, we get to read. However, back to my original statement, people returned it for the f-word. Really? Are we that touchy as a country that we can't handle swear words in ADULT novels? (Yet we read garbage like "50 Shades of Grey".) I don't understand it. I truly don't. Calling that trashy for curse words, yet reading porn? I just don't get it. 

Also on the subject of J.K. Rowling, during an interview this week, she was told something not so great, to which she responded in the best way ever:

J.K. Rowling herself.
Interviewer: "Unfortunately, your world record for selling the most books was over taken by '50 Shades of Grey'."

J.K. Rowling: "Yes, imagine how many copies I would've sold if Harry was a bit more creative with his wand."

Which is another reason for me to love this woman, however, I'm turning my blog about my dolls and daily activities into a rant, lol. Forgive me. >w< I'm passionate sometimes. Lol. Plus I just love that woman. She truly did make me feel like anything was possible... Though, I am one of those odd children who actually read the Harry Potter books from 1997 (I was 5) forward. I've even read her biography. Lol. She's a pretty cool person to look up to. :)

But, any-who, back to dolls. Lol. Working hard on making fall clothing because I am just so excited that it smells like Samhain/Halloween/All Hallow's Eve outside already. >w< It's making me want to get a blanket and some coffee, grab a book, snuggle with Kole and the girls, and read while listening to the leaves blow off the trees. Keep a weather eye on my store if you're excited for the Yo-SD sized clothing coming out. There will be some up in the store very shortly indeed. :) 

On the topic of VOLKS News, if you wanted to know anything about those three new girls I was talking about in my last post, check out here: VOLKS JAPAN English Site (NOT VOLKS USA) to help you with that information. They've updated it just a tad, but a little goes a long way for those who are excited. :)

Well, thank you once again for joining me. :D

Until next time,
♥ The BJD Addict

Friday, September 21, 2012

1st Day of Fall/VOLKS News

Happy First Day of Fall everyone! :D

Did you open your windows and smells the air today? It smells wonderful outside! I can't wait for bonfires and other fall activities to begin already!

So... Let's see... An actual update... Hmm....

The Steampunk Set is coming along. The stockings are most definitely the easiest part of the whole outfit simply because I know doing them by hand looks better than it would if I did them by machine. Lol. I can't wait to find that stinkin' camera so I can post the next Sneak Peak like I was going to WEEKS ago! @_@ I swear, I'm putting a beeper or something on it as soon as I find it! Then, the next time it runs away, I can just beep it and it will scream, "HERE I AM!" Lol. It would make my life that much easier! XD Especially since my smaller electronics run away screaming half the time anyways. (For those of you wondering how I managed to post pictures of Fallen, my fiancee's tab and my phone take okay pics, but the next Sneak Peak is on the camera's memory card. I wouldn't want to post my EXACT progress just yet... It wouldn't be a Sneak Peak if I did! Lol.)

Fallen now has her eyes. They look to be Poppy Red GLiB acrylics and are VERY beautiful in person and almost match Suzu-chan's eyes completely! Unfortunately, I forgot entirely about needing eye putty, so her eyes are just sitting inside her head and not in the sockets. Lol. So! I added that to my VOLKS USA shopping cart and put it aside for now. Hopefully I'll get those supplies soon. >.< It's driving me mad to have my girls packed away or not looking right. :\

Also, in hunting for information about when VOLKS USA will restock its Dollfie Dreams, I found that VOLKS JAPAN has previews of their new base DDs, MDD Rena, DDS Mayu, and DDdy Miko. All three are set to be released on Oct. 20th, so hopefully the restock here will be sometime afterwards. :D They all look very beautiful and I can't wait to see what people will do with them. :) I'm actually in love with Rena and Mayu myself. Such cuties. (I don't think I like DDdy's at all... I'm not sure why considering I always draw women very well endowed. Lol.)

I found that they released a new head (DDH-07) back in August during an event only held in Japan. It looks uncannily like their Saber Dollfie Dream head, but that's alright by me! One of my friends suggested to me if I can't GET a Saber, I could always MAKE a Saber one day using this head and finding her wig, clothes, and eyes. It's doable, but part of me wonders if part of the dream is to finally be able to GET Saber instead of MAKE her... I'm not sure though. :\  I wonder if I'll ever know... Either way the head itself is another gorgeous sculpt. I hope they decide to let VOLKS USA hold the same event here come October - November. I can say there are some on eBay as pre-painted heads, but those will cost you about $188 just for the head, so the decision is yours alone. ;)

Ahh well, that's all for now... This has become a pretty long update rather quickly. Lol. Sorry about that! ^_^''

Keep an eye out for updates on VOLKS items here. Trying my best to make them as accessible to us as they are in Japan since the VOLKS USA blog doesn't always tell us everything. Lol. (Kind of a shame, really. I like reading about things... even if they don't happen over here. Lol.)

Thanks for joining me! ~♥
-The BJD Addict

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fallen Coming Together

After a long, unhappy, busy week, I finally got to meet Fallen, my DIM Doll Happy Flowne (head).

Her head arrived on Thursday, much to my happiness, safe and sound. I was so afraid that the post man wouldn't leave the box even though she didn't need to be signed for, but he did! Justin's mom hid her on the counter in the kitchen, so I walked in thinking she hadn't arrived. >.>

Her wig arrived yesterday too! A surprise wig from the LeekeWorld wig event. All I did was select her size, select short/med length, and ask for a light blue (Whisper Blue, but they said those were out of stock). I opened the envelope to find a Cadet Blue wedge-cut wig that fits snuggly on her head. :) She looks so adorable! The wig was a pain to get on, but it fits her personality perfectly. :D It hangs just around her ears too! Lol. Those long things. >w< I'm so afraid something is going to happen to them before her body arrives. x_x (Which only has two little payments left! :D)

So, I now have my first floating head. (Who's model is appropriately named "Flowne", lol.) As soon as I get sealant, cleaner, and pastels, she will have the loveliest natural face-up ever. >w< I'm so excited! (And Rolly and Shii-Tsuu will get redone as well... Maybe I should buy TWO cans of sealant... >.>) I even got a nice pair of red 14mm eyes for her for a whole $6!! $6!! (This is cheap for eyes.) I believe they are GLiB, which is fine by me, because I absolutely LOVE GLiB eyes. :3

She's definitely going to look a lot like Suzu-chan afterall. >w< Do you remember Suzu-chan? That elf-girl I posted a picture of SOOOOO long ago? Ahh, well, I guess I shall repost her, so you can all see again! :3 Lol. She happens to be from a Hentai Game... Unfortunately... But that's okay. I just like her for her cuteness. :3 She's just a little sweetheart! ♥ -^_^-

Well, that's it for now... I'm going to swim in my homework once more as my munchkin naps. :) My cute little boy. He's so smart! Last night, he told me he was ready to "S'eep!" and marched off to his room. Once we got there, he grabbed his turtle and a diaper, handed me the diaper, and waited to be changed. He then informed me, all dry, that he wanted to "wear trucks" and pointed to his sleep'n'play jammies. When I asked him about them, he laughed like mad and waited patiently for me to stick his feet in and then put his arms out for the sleeves. I then got cuddles and squeezes, he let me set him in his bed, and then said, "Nigh-nite Mama. Nigh-nite daddy," looking passed me for Justin. Justin came in, the two hugged, and Kole laid down and passed out immediately. Lol. XD My wonderful baby boy. Can you believe he's only a year and a half! His pediatrician asked me (jokingly) if he was 2 1/2 on Monday (his 18 month check up)! Even she is amazed by how quickly he's progressing! XD

Okay, enough bragging. I'm going, I swear! >w< Lol.

Thanks for joining me once again as I try my best to do everything I need to do every day! :)

Hope to see you again soon!
-The BJD Addict

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smoother Sailing

So, now that my first two weeks of school have ended and the hectic beginning rush is over, I'm now settling into a good rhythm. Those stockings from my first sale have been shipped, and my store now has three listings. LOL. A whole three! XD Hopefully, there will be four soon enough. XD

I currently have As in all my classes and I'm getting those needed things (Kole's haircut, temps AGAIN, doctors appointments, Chinese Corner, etc.) out of the way in these passing weeks. It seems to fly by, but at least I'm getting homework and such done as fast as I possibly can. I have limited time with Kole not really napping, always leaving, and needing to take care of things, but I'm glad to be getting it all done. Lol. Yesterday, I had the dishwater running, the tubby running, and dinner cooking all at one time while Kole ran around the house "helping" me. @_@ Needless to say, something had to go wrong, and the dish holder over-filled, but at least the bathtub didn't! XD

The stockings looked perfect! if I do say so myself, I think I'm getting better with each pair; all my stitches were perfectly tiny and the exact same size. Lol. It occurred to me, after reading most measurements, that they would fit SD dolls as well, so that third listing I was talking about happened to be the stockings listed for SDs as well. :) They go over Shii-Tsuu's knees, so they would most likely be crew socks or large school socks on most other dolls, but that's alright, especially for people looking for that "school sock" look. The anime-school sock kind, anyways. Lol.

I'm currently working on invitations for my Mima's Halloween party. She wanted to have a party with mine and my sister's friends, so I'm in charge of getting everything together and making it perfect, as always. Lol. (I'm always in charge of parties with friends. >.>) The invites have Halloween-like font and a cute little anime witch on them. :) I'm actually rather pleased with how they are turning out. I'm really excited for this party. >w< Everyone is supposed to bring a dish and wear a costume, and I am going to go as Saber in her casual clothes from Fate/Stay Night. This way, I'll have one cosplay down for Colossalcon 2013. I'm not sure yet as to what Kole will be, he told me a duckie, but he may want to be a sock monkey too. Lol. So we'll see... That, and Justin isn't sure what he will go as either... Hopefully I can convince him to go as one of his con cosplays too, so we have 2 of 8 down. >w<

I also got an email today from DDE saying Fallen's head shipped! :) So I will be meeting her soon! :D It's actually a good thing today, since the rest of the day was just plain awful. :\ I wont go into detail, but let's hope tomorrow is better. :\ Anywho, I need to order her wig, eyes, and the supplies from VOLKS... as well as buy pastels from Pat Catan's so I can do her face up (an redo Rolly's and Shii-Tsuu's again... >.>), but still, I'm glad she's coming soon. :D I was really beginning to miss her. >w< Lol.

Well, that's all for now. :) Here's hoping for a good night!

Thanks for reading~!

Until next time,
The BJD Addict

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I can't wait for
this to be me.
(Photo from Flickr)
So, the whole reason I started this blog was to work it with my Etsy... Well, it's been 4 months and I finally sold something! LOL. A young woman has purchased a white pair of my MSD school socks for her doll. :) I am SOOO happy!! Lol. Maybe this will help get the word out and help me get more things uploaded into that store! I don't care HOW busy I am now, I need to find a way somehow! x_x 

It just occurred to me that last month only had TWO entries... TWO! Was August really that busy? :( Unfortunately, the answer to that is YES and there's nothing to change it. I wish I had more entries, but I guess I can just hope that I will make more this month.

I'm starting to miss Fallen... My DiM Flowne... She hasn't even arrived yet and I already miss her. >.< It's a good feeling because it tells me I really do love her, but it still tortures me that she has yet to arrive. I wish I could hurry up with her body's layaway... I have 3 payments (per my set up) left, but somehow want the whole amount right this moment. Lol. I should probably make her clothing and order the rest of her supplies (wig, eyes, ZM Powder, pastels, etc.), but I'm trying to save money, not spend it, so maybe some other time soon. Lol.

Well, I'm nodding off, so I best get to bed. Sorry for such a short entry. Lol. Not much to say from yesterday. Lol.

Goodnight all~

Thanks for reading~! ♥
-The BJD Addict

Friday, August 31, 2012

Dollie Dreaming

Well... A lot has happened since the last post...

Dollfie Dream
Saber 2008
I've decided on staying here instead of moving to Justin's... I figure it would be better to just wait until we can officially get our own place together, even though it's better for Kole for us to stay together, it's better for everyone if we just stay as we are...

I've also decided to put Saber on my back-burner. I love her, I want her, but she's going to need A LOT of saving before I can get her... There's one on auction in Japan right now and the price is only ¥11,000 (about $140) with 4 days left, but I know she's going to jump in price ridiculously before the end of her auction, so I'll watch her, but I doubt I will get her... Not yet... 

And, on top of all that, school wasn't being nice to me either... Apparently, my counselor only took walk-ins on Saturdays from 8:30AM-12PM... I needed to see her to rearrange my Financial Aid with an Academic Plan bc of the classes I missed when Kole was born... But I had to wait until the school sent me all the proper emails I needed to see her, and they didn't do that until last week! So, when I was finally able to call, all the counselors are booked up and mine only accepted walk-ins! -.- Just my luck... Apparently, Fate doesn't want me to go to school this year... The first week of classes has gone smoothly so far, but otherwise I'm still waiting to meet with my counselor... September 17th was the first day I could get in that didn't involve a walk-in, so I took it. x_x

Azone Madoka
I want so badly to have everything perfect, but I just feel myself getting more and more depressed that it's not... The only happy things right now are I applied for a job and Kole keeps babbling like a three year old instead of a 1 1/2 year old... And, mine and Justin's anniversary is this Monday... (And I'm clueless as to what I'm getting him!) It's going to be five years this year... It feels like it's been an eternity already. Lol. 

I tired my hand at sewing, but failed to do anything thanks to my machine... It ate my project to shreds and tangled the thread beneath the needle. -.- So, mum had to fix it... Took her a whole five seconds, but still... I need to oil it and give it some good maintenance before I do anything else. :\ So, the Steampunk Set is STILL waiting... Perhaps it WILL be done by the time Fallen's body get's paid off and get's here. :\ Her head should come soon... I'm just not sure when. Lol. I miss her already. >w<

I keep learning more about other BJDs, including the Azone's and Azone/Obitsu hybrids. I've had my heart set on a Kaname, Madoka BJD from Puella Magica Madoka Magi, but I'm debating on making one out of a Mini Dollfie Dream (which would be a REALLY fun project) or just buying the one that Azone made. The Azone one is cute, but her body structure isn't something of which I am a fan. Plus she's about Rolly's size, and I'd rather have her at C.C.'s size. Her school uniform wouldn't be that difficult, but her magical girl outfit will be very complicated. Lol. Perhaps I can just make the whole group one day. I think it would be fun. -^_^-

Well, that's all for now. Update soon, perhaps~!

Thanks for reading~!

♥ The BJD Addict

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving, Messes, and Mayhem

ACK!! Two weeks since my last post!! O.O That's surprising... I fear I might have only 2 or 3 this month, things have been pretty hectic lately... @_@

Last picture I took of the pajamas before sewing.
So, moving might be pushed back to next month... I'm still going crazy with packing and sorting, and figuring out school... I literally picked the busiest month of this year to start moving. x_x But that's ok, we go to Justin's 4 days a week now, so I'm slowly moving things there every time we go... My sewing machine and fabric is already there, but I plan on working this Friday and getting some things done... I may even bring them home to work this weekend for the coming week... I feel so behind since I messed up on the pajamas... I need to make a few of the patterns larger, and resew her pants, lol, I kinda wiggled a bit near the crotch, so they don't lay right. >w<

I'm always tired now... Like I was when Kole was a newborn... I find myself napping when he's cuddled beside me now. Lol. It's nice to snuggle, he even snuggles me in his crib! Lol. You know, I used to think climbing into a baby's crib was ridiculous (still, without reason, it is, sorry folks), but Kole now ASKS every night for mommy to curl up beside him in HIS bed and read him a story. He doesn't want mommy's bed (I give him the option), he wants me to squish my 5'6" self into his 4" long crib. >w< Needless to say, my feet hang over the top of one side, but hey, I love Kole more than life itself, so what's 5-10 mins of being squished? XD

I'm doing more and more research now on many types of dolls. My current research is on Dollfie Dreams and Mini Dollfie Dreams; taking their measurements and such, and writing them in a notebook dedicated to BJD research. (It's a pretty purple Moleskin, I think I'm in love with these notebooks!) But, constantly looking at them and discovering things about them makes me think I am more a vinyl lover than a resin girl. :) So, it makes me excited for a time that I will be able to have one. I've finally decided to add Saber to my wishlist... I know it's a pipe dream, but I'm in love, she's just so perfect! The fiancee tells me, "One day, honey," every time I mention her, but I feel like that day may never come. All I can do is hope and work towards that goal right now, but it'd be nice to have some solid evidence that I might have her one day. Lol. I'd love to find the first Saber, the one from eons ago, and then find her Casual Clothes (like the picture) for her to wear. I'm going this Saber for a Halloween party this year and a Con next year, so it'd be nice to double one day. Lol. >w<

Ahh, but that seems worlds away. >.< Oh well, I do believe that is all I have for today. I think I shall go to bed now, as it's rather late. Lol. Short entry, but still... Time for sleep.

Thanks for reading~! ♥
-The BJD Addict

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pack, Work, Sleep, Repeat!

Everything's moving a little slower now that the moving plans have been set into action. Trying my best to keep up with everything, but sewing usually falls behind, especially when I haven't been getting enough sleep to safely use anything more machine than a coffee pot. Lol.

Rolly's wig and eyes came in finally. The mailman did not knock nor leave a pink slip, I received an email from LUTS saying that it had been sent back to the post office and I needed to hurry and collect it. So I got the fiancee to take us up there, talked to the nice post lady again, and gathered my package. :D Inside were Rolly's eyes and wig, and Bina's wig. Rolly looks really cute, pigtails or no, but it's a big big on her. >w< Now all that's left to do is order Bina, Fallen, and Galenia's eyes (Tdelia, Flowne, and Gela) from Safrin Doll and things will be rolling slowly along. Lol. I even managed to get Flowne's head already. >w<

Working hard on a pair of LittleFee pajamas and the Steampunk Full-Set for Ball-Jointed Boutique. I decided to upload pictures of my process on the pajamas to my Facebook Page, but the Steampunk Set will remain "secret" until it's done. Maybe a snip-it photo here or there, but not a full album like the jammies. Lol.

I'm slowly adding doll-sites to the list on the Doll Sites page of this blog, so if you're interested in learning of more sites or need a bookmarked place with most, feel free to check it out. I even have them separated by country. Lol. So you can guess what your shipping will be before-hand. (EMS is usually $20-$45 per order, depending on what you get.)

D.I.M. Doll Flowne
Picture from Kumasmash on Flickr.
I think I'll start making more LittleFee clothes now that I have an idea on what works out on Rolly. I'm waiting until Flowne's body gets here to complete the store of MSD female clothes. It occured to me that Shii-Tsuu is A LOT wider than your average MSD, so everything I make would need to be altered to fit a normal MSD girl. :\ I should have compared before making the store and everything official. >.< I'm such a dunce. Lol. Plus, I could always make a LF boy line now, considering their clothing fits both genders. :D So, hopefully I can start making at least shirts and pants/skirts for them soon. :)

Working on getting packed and preparing to move. @_@ I have MANY boxes to go through in my down-time, so I gotta boogie. Lol. I figured it was the last day of the month so this entry need to get finished and posted ASAP, so this is my first bit of downtime work. Lol.

Well, that's all I have for today. :) Thanks for reading~! ♥

See you next month~! :D
- The BJD Addict

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dolly Researching

It's been a while since I did a branch off to help those new to the BJD-hobby with their learning/research... So this entry will be dedicated to that. If you'd rather skip it, feel free, but otherwise, thanks for reading and please read on....

Lately I've been reorganizing my wishlist/doll list from Pinterest... Writing everything down and separating everyone into their size categories. (I'm OCD, so I know this isn't for everyone, but it helps me stay organized...) After I separated them though, I wrote down the 3 most important pieces of information: the height, the wig size, and the eye-size. Now, height and eye-size on a doll-page are obvious, the site lists them both in the measurements area, BUT the wig size might be a little difficult to figure out if you don't know what size wig fits what circumference of head. So here's a helpful tidbit:

Wig line shown here.
Size 3.5 fits heads 8.5-9.5cm round.
Size 4 fits heads 9.5-10.5cm round.
Size 4.5 fits heads 10.5-12cm round.
Size 5 fits heads 12-13cm round.
Size 5.5 fits heads 13-14.5cm round.
Size 6 fits heads 15-16.5cm round.
Size 7 fits heads 16.5-19cm round.
Size 8 fits heads 19-22cm round.
Size 9 fits heads 22-24cm round.
Size 10 fits heads 24.5-28cm round.

Wigs usually only fit those in their size-range, so you have to be careful to make sure you're purchasing the correct size. Sizes that are listed 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 fit from the first range of the first number to the last of the second number, so just make sure your doll falls in those categories before purchasing. Also, not all wigs in the size range given will fit your doll. It's possible to purchase a wig in the doll's size and have it be too tight or too loose. If it's too tight, you can pin it or just purchase a new one, but if it's too big, you can attach velcro to the head to make the wig stay better. Most heads have wig lines in which you can line the wig up to, to make sure the wig is on properly.

Eyes, on the other hand, will fit one size smaller and one size larger than what your doll is meant to have. This means, if they fit 14mm, they will also fit 12mm and 16mm eyes. The pupil size changes with each size though, so it depends on personal preference as to which size you actually put in your doll. If you want them to have big doe eyes, put in a larger size; if you want tiny piercing eyes, put in a smaller size. If you have no preference, try them with their actual size and go from there, maybe your mind will change once you actually see the eyes in your doll.

Picture from BarometzBlue on Flickr
Eyes come in all ranges of sizes, shapes, and colors. The most used sizes tend to be 14mm and 16mm, but some larger dolls take 18mm+ and smaller dolls take 12mm or less.  Eyes can be full round - with/without positioning stems, half-round - with/without stems, double-sided (two eyes on one eyepiece), oval, or petal-shaped (oval with points on two sides). They can be made out of glass, acrylics, silicone, or urethane. Popular eyes are GLiB acrylics and many types of glass eyes. I've heard people say that urethane photographs better, but they are also the most expensive. I, myself, use GLiB acrylics simply because they are inexpensive and look nice once placed in a doll. My only doll with glass eyes is Talia, and that's because I have yet to purchase blue acrylics for her. Lol.  If you're looking for sites that sell wonderful eyes, try Safrin Doll or Ersa Flora. Both sites have amazing eyes and Ersa Flora does commissions. She was the wonderful artist of Shii-Tsuu's Geass Eyes. :) And when I have Lelouch (Island Doll Wallace), I plan on purchasing his eyes from her as well.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope this helped some of you still learning or new to the hobby. :) If you think I missed anything, feel free to comment and ask, I'm sure I can help you with your questions.

Thanks for reading~! See you again soon!
-The BJD Addict

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sewing Projects

So, everything seems to be going smoothly... Normal days with normal chores and normal moments. :) It's actually quite nice, really... Like I'm getting into the swing of things again. :) (Though, with school so near, I'm sure it will start swinging a different way again. Lol.)

Finally broke out the machine. :D Sewing machine, that is, and things are moving smoothly. After 3 hours (ish, not really keeping track, it's whenever I can), I have almost 1 full kimono done. :) It's the same color pink as one I've seen a picture of Shii-Tsuu wearing, which makes me happy, but I've had to alter the pattern a few times as I went, so it's a little wonky. That's okay, but still. I hope only a small amount of people will want these in the store, lol. Though, I already had one person like the picture within 10 minutes of me posting it to the page's wall on Facebook. Lol.

I've also picked out the color pallet for the Steampunk Full-Set, the design that WON part one of the contest. Lol. The set will be made up of a blouse, stockings, a vest, and a skirt, I drew chains in the picture, but I'm unsure if I want to add them or just let the person who wins/orders add them. Oh, I DO plan on selling the set in-store for those who do not win and want one, but the set will be limited thanks to two of my fabrics being out of production. Lol. The camera doesn't do them justice, but what camera does? The dark brown will be the skirt, the striped brown will be the vest, the dotted cream will be the blouse, and the plain cream will be the stockings. :) All the patterns are made, I just need to cut things out and get a move on with them. Lol.

Rolly's Wig. CDW-44, Honey Delf (Cream)
Finally ordered Rolly's wig and eyes... And ordered 'Bina's (Tdelia's) wig as well. (LUTS's shipping is expensive, so I decided to just get everything in one go...) I should get on with Fallen's head and wig soon too... Before I forget about her completely. Lol. Galenia (Gela), being my extra, will have to wait, but she already has a place, she's Fallen's daughter. :) Actually thinking 3-Demensionally with 'Bina is making me rethink how I dressed her as a child... I now know more about Egyptian clothing than I did, and I know that she would have been wearing a tunic or kilt, not harem pants... So things may need to be altered before she truly becomes mine again. :)

Daydreams... That's the best thing about this hobby... The dreaming and creating of a character. This is literally the epitome of artistry. Taking a blank doll or a doll you sculpt, painting it, making it's clothes and shoes, and turning it into a real work of art, a person to the point where it has everything but a soul... It's just wonderful... I've never had a hobby make me as happy as this one has... And I'm so grateful to my fiancee for getting me started. :) He truly is the perfect person for me... Supporting and encouraging everything I do, no matter what. He's a great man and a wonderful father, and I don't think I could ever ask for more. :) Those of you reading this may think I'm getting mushy, but this is my true person, this is how I act... And it's the only way I know how to say it. :)

Completely loving life right now. ♥

Thanks for reading~! See you again soon!
- The BJD Addict

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The BJD Addict

Hello and welcome back to the latest entry to the Ball-Jointed Baby. :D As you can see, today's topic is "The BJD Addict". Let's read on to find out what's going on!:

I now know more than enough sites to acquire BJDs from... Wigs from... Eyes from... And clothes from... I even have favorites! But, at this point, I'm becoming a bit of an addict. I currently have 56 pins on my Ball-Jointed Doll Board on Pinterest... I own 4 of those 56... Everyone else is a hope or a dream... Or, in Tdelia and Gela's cases, a "soon enough"... One of my fellow BJD lovers, a lady from Ohio, like myself, giggled at me today and told me I may need an intervention. XD (We all do, but still... ) So, I am taking the first step... Hi. I'm Shelby, and I'm a BJD Addict. The BJD Addict. Lol. I think I might need to make that mine. XD

Tan Tdelia - Source: BJDCollecstasy
Let's see... I currently have 11 1/3rd-sized, 9 1/4th-sized, 28 1/6th-sized, and 5 1/12th-sized BJDs on my list.... @_@ Less than half of them have names to be, so I don't know who will be, who wont be, but I still think I want a good chunk of those for sure. >w< I have figured out who Tdelia and Gela will be, though, Tdelia will be tan and a character I created when I was 12, and Gela will be DIMdoll Flowne's daughter. :) I think they work perfectly in those two places. ♥

I really want to find a doll that matches a character that I created when I was 5 or 6, 'Bie. ('[name] is for the sake of using a nickname) She started out in a wheelchair, but was able to walk after about 4 years of relearning. She was my first character... But she'd have to be 58cm like Tdelia's character to be 'Bina... They aren't for the same thing, but they are best of friends in my head. :) Silly child dreams... They seem so far away...

I've decided to make a Page on here that has all my favorite links to all my favorite BJD-store sites. :) It will help me stay organized and might help those looking for a good starter list. My first doll came from Junky Spot, my second from Denver Doll, and I plan on buying from Mint on Card... After a few weeks of research, I just figured out those are the ones to stick with. :) And many ppl say MoC has a great 6 month layaway plan! >w< (I have yet to partake in this.) But, anywho, I figured that would be something nice for me to do. :3

Still working on the Aimi doll tutorial. @_@ This is taking forever, I know, but Japanese isn't my first or second language. Lol. So I'm working the best that I can. >w< (Too bad it's not in Chinese, I might do better. Lol.) So, if you're really looking forward to it, I hope to have it up within the next month or so. :)

I guess that's all for now... Still working out moving to the fiancee's house... :\ And a bit of sewing and no writing... The pictures for the 'Like's Contest Designs are up on BJB's Facebook page if you had wanted to place your vote! :) Please make sure you 'Like' the page too if you actually wanted to be able to GET the set once the actual contest starts. :)

Thanks for reading~!
-The BJD Addict

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home Again

So, yesterday was Tanabata (七夕) AND my fiancee's birthday. :) He's old now. Lol. (Not really, but we've know each other for 6 years now and the jump from 14-15 to 20-21 just seems so large...) He went out and had fun with his guy friends (he being the baby of the group) and I used my Tanabata wish to make sure he came home safe. :) ♥ He's actually still sleeping right now. Lol.

Impldoll Model Tdelia - 58cm - Pink Skin
I learned about Impldoll's Summer Event on Thursday. :3 It's really awesome! Spend $XXX and get a free head - OR - spend $XXX and get a free 26cm doll! It's making me want to get a 58cm to get the 26cm for free... >.> But then I'd REALLY be over my "limit". XD I'm in love with Tdelia in tan and Gela in pink. They look so cute!! I didn't realize a lot of the companies had Events like this... I keep getting emails left and right for Summer Event 2012s, but so far, this is the only one that caught me.

So, after painting everyday since last Sunday, we have almost every bit of painting done except the tiny line above the basement stairs. It's 16 feet above us... We needed other opinions. XD So that's what we shall tackle today, even though I'm home again. I think Kole and I will bikeride there... I just need to know what time to leave. Lol.

Impldoll Baby Gela - 26cm - Pink Skin
Rolly seems to be fitting into our little dolly family perfectly. :) I usually leave Talia in her arms, and Justin decided it would be funny to put Rolly in Shii-Tsuu's arms, so now they are sitting on the side hutch, all stacked together. They actually look rather happy. Lol. Like the best of friends or siblings or something. >w< And, soon enough, Fallen (DIMdoll Flowne) will join them. :3 So our little family will be 4. Justin says I should go for it with the Impldoll Event... He even said he'd pay half the layaway payments for each month... But I'm not sure... I don't know if I can handle six dolls just yet... I'm still getting the hang of three. Lol. And two of them are incomplete as it is... Rolly needs a new face-up and her wig... Talia needs a wig and some body blushing... I need so many supplies... Sealant, cleaner, pastels, paints... This is definitely an adult hobby... Not something a young teen or even a young mother should attempt until they are truly sure... So, even with all my research, in that sense, I jumped in with both feet... And now I know.... But I wouldn't change it for anything. :) And I'm so very glad Justin bought Shii-Tsuu for me. ♥

Hmm... I need to do laundry, and sort through boxes and pack today... I still plan on moving in to Justin's... As much as my parents love it that I'm here so they have Kole everyday, I think they enjoyed this past week without me here, so I think it's best to go through with my plan to move in over there. Kole is happier with both mommy and daddy everyday anyways... He threw a fit for a few hours last night after Justin left because he wanted him and didn't understand why we weren't sleeping at Daddy's anymore. :(

A little bit of sewing (I messed up again. -.-) and Writer's Block this past week, so I'm not very on top of anything, but life as of right now... But here's hoping things turn around. I'm still waiting to get paid, too, the shipment from 3 weeks ago still isn't here and I'm getting nervous someone pulled the wool over my boss's eyes with this one. Crossing my fingers anyways, though. :\

Well, that's all for now... Thanks for reading! :3 ♥

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd Already?

WOW! Where has this year GONE?? It's July 2nd!! Seven months in to 2012 already! What happened to the year going by so slowly? >.< Lol.

So, my sister's grad party was a hit! At least 80 ppl showed up, ate, gave cards, laughed, talked, and swam. :) Our fence and pool looked lovely and everyone had a great time! It was a blast! Even the babies had fun! Kole and his friend Madelyn got to play too! :) It was cute! They love each other so much. :3 ♥ Kole even bit her finger and she didn't cry! They both laughed like it was nothing!! XD Those two crack me up when they're together... And Kole get's so talkative when she's around! It's truly adorable.

I also got Rolly's face up done! >w< It looks terrible really... Now that I'm looking at it today, but I'm still happy with it... I just need to fix her cheeks and everything will be good... If I had more cleaner, I'd do it today, but I need both cleaner and sealant. >.< AND I need to buy VOLKS Basic Set of pastels... Rolly is a dainty lady... And she's painted like some sunburnt maiden. Lol. I also messed up on her top right eyelashes, but I'll fix that then too. :) I just gotta be really careful when I wash the make up off... So I don't take off the eyelashes or eyebrows. Lol. I think I'd cry if I did that... After all the frustrations that came with doing the eyelashes and brows in the first place. @_@ I'm right-handed... Her LEFT side looks perfect... Her right side just stinks... -.- Ahh well, what can you do, but wait and order new supplies and try again?

I do love having three ladies now, though. :) It makes for very interesting photo-shoots because I can  pose them all together doing different things or interacting. >w< It's actually pretty fun! Especially considering two of them are in maid outfits... I haven't found one small enough for Talia, so I think I'm gonna need to wing it and make her one. Lol. Idk if I can sew something so tiny though! XD I made her a little hat today, so she wouldn't look so bald, but even then I had to hold it on her to make my first few stitches, then take it off and finish it. Lol.

I fixed Shii-Tsuu's face-up as well, but it's making me wonder if I should just remove and redo it... After doing Rolly and learning from all my mistakes on face-ups thus far, I feel like I could do a better job for her this time... But I'm not sure if I'm ready for that or not... She's wearing her second face-up, but I still feel fond of it... Idk... I'm not sure of anything when it comes to their faces, my lovely ladies. Not at all. Lol. But Shii-Tsuu now has eyebrows and the top eyelashes painted on (I completely gave up on fake lashes... LITERALLY... Not my thing... >.>). Lol. She looks more humble than her normal self does... She looks rather like she did when she lost her memory in Code Geass: R2... o.o Maybe that's my favorite C.C. >w< Idk. Lol.

Still painting and sewing... No writing yet, though I hope to have some done by the end of the week. Lol. *crosses fingers*

Well, that's all for now. :) Thanks for reading! ♥

Thursday, June 28, 2012

ROLLY!!!!!! XD

Sooo happy today!!! I left a note for the postman (er, Justin did for me, lol) and he left the package instead of returning with it, SO we had a box opening today!!! XD

Meet 许碧 (Xu Bi), my Fairyland LittleFee Rolly, and also my BJD MiniMe. :) ♥ She will have jade green eyes and cream brown hair, and I hope to give her glasses one day. Lol. (Yes, those of you wondering, I LOVE maid uniforms. Lol. I shall have an army of maids one day.) Kole helped me open the package she came in, he even cleaned up all the paper and bubblewrap, and even a Sticky Note that I gave him off of her box. Lol. He absolutely LOVES Rolly already, and so do I. I can't wait to face-up and blush her. :3 I'm rather excited about the whole thing.

Today was also amazing in the business department! I now make about $11.54 an hour!! It's so crazy!! I'm going to be SHOVELING munnies into my savings at this rate! XD And putting more in the dolly fund too!! :) (Maybe I can even start a wedding fund... >.> Though I was told the other day that there are to be no more grad parties, baby showers, or bridal parties in the near future. Lol. My sister's grad party is eating up our lives. Lol.) I'm just so excited!! Overly excited!! Everything is turning out amazingly!! It's nuts!! XD (I'm utterly grateful, as well. I can't just take and not be grateful... It'd be too awful of me.)

C.C. (Parabox Alice), Talia (Doll-Zone Nono),
and Xu Bi (FL LF Rolly)
I now have 3 lovelies with one on the way. :3 (That D.I.M. Doll from a friend? Go back and read it you lazies! XD) I love my little dolly family... And so does Kole. XD He's such a doll fiend! He says "yes" instead of "please" to see things and he's constantly asking for Talia. XD  I guess he just loves teeny tinies. XD Lol.

That's all I'm going to write for now... Going to eat a little and rest some... Didn't sleep well last-night. :\

Sewing and other things to come this weekend and next week. :) So be ready for postings! :D

Thanks for reading!! :D ♥

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy Week #2 and a Wonderful Weekend

Uff~! Is my sister's graduation party OVER yet? XD We've done so much in the past month and a half for this stinkin' party, however fun and useful, and I'm tired! Lol! I think it's moreso all the traveling to Mima's and such. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE helping and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Mima, but I'm just tired of all the running around. It's wearing me out! >o<

Last week, I survived College Hell, painted the pool, swam, put in the pool staircase (it's NOT a ladder, it's steps... 4 LARGE steps... >.>), spent time with my aunts, argued with ppl, turned in my college appeal, and totally screwed up trying to retake the test for my temps. (apparently, you aren't YOU anymore after your temps have been expired for longer than 6 months, doesn't make sense to me, but hey, rules is rules, so I gotta go back up there with my SSC and my birth certificate).

This weekend was nice, however, kinda not as busy as my week, but still rather upturned. Lol. Kole didn't sleep... AT ALL... He's teething and busted his mouth on an umbrella stand on the patio at Mima's, put his bottom teeth right through his lip :( ... so he's in pain. :( My poor baby boy.

D-Z Nono came in, the mailman DIDN'T knock, so we had to travel to the post office to collect her. This was the FIRST time I've been to the post office... Literally, the first. (I know, 20 years and no post visits, odd, right? Lol.) So, we got her, I opened her box in the car, and got to touch resin for the first time ever. >w< She and C.C. bonded immediately, thank goodness, and now they are currently keeping one another company at Justin's house. >w< Her new name is Talia, but I keep calling her 'Tali'. She's just so teeny; she can wear the Tommy clothes I found, but I want to find her a dress or something so she can actually LOOK like a girl... Esp. since her wig wont be here for a while... I should order it AFTER I order Rolly's, but we'll see. XD That probably won't be for a while though, trying to add more to my savings and I'm okay with bald dollies, so long as they aren't naked too. Lol.

Today we had a baby shower to go to... Kole liked all the teddies that decorated the house and kept cuddling them, so his Gramma, Justin's mom, decided we were going to stop at Build-A-Bear on the way home to make Kole a teddy bear. Lol. The two of them picked out a gorgeous and fuzzy almond colored bear with a cream snout and brown nose and eyes. >w< It was so cute to watch him decide. He wanted a Hello Kitty, but we both brought him back to the bears and let him pick one of those. >w< He even put his foot on the pump for the stuffing AND picked out the heart that went inside. XD The noises and kids screaming made him nervous, so we got out of there in a hurry, but he still had fun and that's what matters. :) (Also, I can cross that event off my bucket list. XD)

Well, that's all for now... I should really write Ch 10 of Neko Maid for dA. >.< I've been so sleepy this weekend that I didn't even think about writing! @_@

Thanks for reading~! <3

Gonna try to sew this week... Hopefully... Wish me luck! >w<

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

College Hell and the 'Like's Contest

I did it, as of today I am currently once again a full-time student. I have decided on taking 12 credit hours this semester (Fall 2012), but have to hurdle a financial aid blunder. This is the first time I've ever received financial aid, but apparently, I qualified for my school to buy my books for me for my first two semesters. They didn't notify me until AFTER I bought my books for the second semester. (So after roughly $700 in books had been purchased for the year.) But this year, I'm fighting for it, I'm determined to go back to school and make something of myself. I don't want my children feeling like they can't overcome anything in their lives, and this is a sure way to let them know. (I know I only have one child, but by the time I'm officially a Chinese Translator, I may have more. Lol.)

FL LF Rolly - 25cm
Oooh! And Rolly should be in America soon!! :D Denver Doll Emporium sent me an email saying that Fairyland is shipping their March orders to them soon, so Rolly should be joining them (even tho I ordered her on the 3rd of April, she's basic, so they can just box her up and send her). I'm so excited!! XD She's going to be wigless (and face-up less) for a bit, so I'll just have to dress her and keep her happy. >w< Lol. Hopefully she and C.C. will like one another. :) (Yes, those of you reading and thinking I'm crazy, it's possible for BJD to not like one another. Ex: If you set them down together and they just don't LOOK right. - OR - If you pose them together and they keep falling over. Just go with it, they don't like each other. Lol.)

So, I was thinking about making a contest for a Share and Win event. I'm currently sketching designs for 6 different full-set outfits. I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with the one's I'm currently sketching or make up some new ones, but I DO enjoy the idea of a contest... Especially now that I can use the sewing machine properly. Lol. I was thinking about making it go until we get 100 'Like's but we may reach that before I have the designs finished, posted, and voted on, so I'm thinking 150 'Like's should do the trick nicely. :) I already have a School Uniform, Shinto Priestess, Gothic Lolita, a Japanese Goddess, and a Steampunk outfit. I have 4 out of 6 designs mocked... I don't like my last two ideas, so I'm asking on my page. So far, a pirate outfit, a Victorian outfit, and a sundress set have been suggested, but we'll see which one's turn out the best.The outfits are only for females, but hopefully, soon enough, a good friend of mine will get the male MSD-sized doll she's had her heart set on for a while now, and I can make male ones too. >w<

ALSO! GREAT NOTE! I got a job! XD My friend is starting his electronics business and made me the Director of Operations and the Director of Finance (C.O.O. and C.F.O.). He's such a great person with a wonderful personality, and I'm so blessed to know him. He didn't even interview me or anything, he just asked me if I'd like to work for him, let me arrange my hours to fit my schedule, and gave me two jobs. T-T I'm so unbelievably grateful. So hey, if you are in Ohio and looking for a SmartPhone or iPad for a decent price, come visit our FB page: Wireless My Way. It has all our details, prices, and items. :)

My bald lady. Lol.
And, C.C.'s eyes from the AMAZING Ersa Flora came in yesterday! Poor Ersa Flora fell sick during all her orders, so she took longer than she wanted to (not that I cared at all, I just kept wishing her good health :( she was so miserable). She ended up packaging 3 extra pairs of eyes for me, making all 4 eyes she designed for me to pick which set I liked in person! XD I was so surprised to unwrap them all to find FOUR DIFFERENT designs, and all of them the ones she was showing me via email on paper. When she said she was giving two pairs of extra eyes to each person in the same size, I figured she'd just toss two random pairs in there, not go through the trouble of making every mocked pair she designed for me and sending me 3 extra pairs instead!! x_x I was so jittery when I saw them all I nearly cried! Please excuse the baldness and eyebrow-less-ness, I just wanted a shot of her eyes without her bangs in the way and I have yet to have time to finish painting her face-up. Lol.

Last, but certainly not least, I managed to snag a Doll-Zone December 2010 Limited Nono from The Junky Spot. XD He/She is SOOOO CUUUUTE!!! And I feel so lucky!! He/She should fit Kelly doll clothes from Mattel Barbie's Little Sister Kelly. Lol. I currently cannot find any sz 4 wigs I like in a boys style, so Nono may end up as a girl with magenta hair from Fairyland. Lol. But no idea. >w< So! Time to dig out those old Barbies and see what I got. Lol. Hey, maybe they are worth something now. >w< I searched Google for my Ginger Spy Doll, couldn't find a thing! She might be limited, for all I know! XD And apparently, she was African American to begin with, instead of a curly red-headed woman with freckles. Lol.

Well, that's all for now. :D

Thanks for reading!~ ♥