Saturday, October 13, 2012


Oh, my goodness! I've done it! I've made it through the first half of the semester with A's!! >w<  Midterms are all this week and next, and I've been working hard. I'm so glad I gave school a try this semester. Everything is going so well! I'm actually very proud of myself for once. Lol. I hope I can keep this up until December 15th! >w< (My last day of this semester.) Which reminds me, October 22nd opens when we can sign up for Spring Semester. I'd better remember to do that! Lol. I'll have to do it Wednesday of that week while I'm up there. x_x I hope the line doesn't make me late for class!

On a dolly note, I DID manage to get many things set for the dollies this past week. I put that LeekeWorld Ariana (snow skin) on layaway at DDE!! >w< I'm so glad! Hopefully I can have her paid off by December so she'll be here for the holidays. I also got new ZM Powder and Cleaner on its way from VOLKS USA, Talia's outfit from NiceNiece on Etsy, eyes for both Talia and Lettie (the Leeke Ariana) from Safrin Doll, a sock monkey hat for Rolly from my friend Riven from Riven's Vagaries, and a wig from a lady selling an 11in Real Red wig from Leeke on BJD Adoption on FaceBook. All I need now is new pastels and some sticky tack from Pat Catan's and I will be all set! :D Rolly and C.C. are BOTH in need of a new face-up, since Rolly's has miraculously chipped off and C.C.'s needs to look more like herself in Code Geass, especially now knowing that I already draw her kind of eyes whenever I draw eyes. Lol. So, hopefully, they will look much nicer this time around. >w< ♥ Fallen is getting one too, since her body should be here soon. :3

Halloween costumes and Fall Fashions are coming along nicely. Once I get decent pictures, Yo-SD jeans will go up in the store, and once my shirt comes out properly, Yo-SD long-sleeve shirts will be up as well. Rolly's pumpkin costume is looking cute, but her hat and shoes just did NOT want to work for me, so I've decided to just do cute little ribbons in her hair and let her go in her socks. :) She's already adorable without any extras. I just need to make sure to be done with her face up before the Halloween party on the 27th. The face-up in the picture has already been taken off, but here was a chip on her lip where the sealant flaked off, so I decided it was best to keep her in her box before anything else happened. I'm always afraid of ruining things, so I usually play it safe with the girls. I have no clue as to why it flaked off. :( I just hope I can fix it...

I also took Talia apart. I figured out her legs had been put on with the opposite shins. :( That was why her legs were so kicky, so I'm hoping to fix her as soon as I know how much elastic to use with her. Lol. She will look so cute when she's done too! I'm really excited! >w<

But alright, that's enough rambling for one day. Got to get back to studying for those midterms. >.< Wish me luck~!

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♥The BJD Addict

Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween

So, I, along with many ball-jointed doll sites, are already getting set for Halloween 2012! Whether you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, or hate the holiday all together, there are a few things you may want to know coming to a BJD webstore near you. ;)

AB Rogita the Witch
Peak's Woods is having an event this October! First 30 orders from now until Oct. 15th will get a FREE 61cm doll dress, the one their new Rogita Witch is wearing in her promo photos! The doll(s) you order is(are) also guaranteed to arrive to you by Halloween, so long as your order is placed by or before the 25th of this month. They are also holding a gate picture contest. They want you to create a main gate for the PW site with the theme of Halloween or Christmas. Contest begins Oct. 5th and runs through the 15th. Winner will receive a blank Fairy of Fairytales doll of their choice. For full information, click here! or go to Peak's Woods and log in to read their news board.

Shiro Tachibana

Alice's Collections has many offers going on in their webstore currently. The Free Shipping offer is the big one. ;) Check here! if you'd like to see all of the offers and their qualifiers.

VOLKS USA's Tenshi-no-Sumika Blog has announced that there will be a SD17B Shiro Tachibana Lottery going on this Saturday (Oct. 6th). So, if you want Jun Tachibana's older brother, here he is ladies and gentleman! This young man is going to take a bite out of your wallet at a whopping $1,925 before tax and shipping. Entry period ends on Oct. 27th at 3:00PM PST. Only one entry per person AND you must visit Tenshi-no-Sumika IN PERSON and speak to an employee directly about entering.

Mint on Card, Inc. is having a Fall Event with Doll Love, Illusion Spirit, Only-Doll, and Xaga-Doll.
  • From the 1st through the 15th, customers who order Doll Love pre-orders can take advantage of getting their doll at 10% off -OR- with free face-up! For more on the Doll Love Event, click here! 
  • Illusion Spirit's Fall Event is from Sept. 20th through Oct. 19th. Customers who pre-order Illusion Spirit products can take advantage of 1) Pre-Order any 1/4, 1/3, or 70cm Blank Doll: Receive 12% off at check-out + 1 free pair of Jointed Hands -OR- 1 free blank head.  2) Pre-Order any 1/6 or 1/12 Blank Doll: Receive 12% off at check-out!  3) Pre-Order any Body: Receive 10% off at check-out!  Or 4) Pre-Order any size Jointed Hands: Price is now reduced to $65.00 a pair, (regular price is $80.00 - $90.00)! For more information about this event, click here! 
  • With the Only Doll Fall Event, like the Doll Love Event, customers who order Only-Doll pre-orders can take advantage of getting their doll at 10% off -OR- with free face-up. Going on at Mint on Card from today through the 15th. For more information about this event, click here! 
  • And finally, for Xaga-Doll's Event: if you plan on ordering the Limited Hecate or Clear, you will receive a free Bobo pet (blank) with your purchase. Remember, Hecate is limited to 50 dolls world-wide, and Clear is limited to only 30 dolls world-wide! If you want to know more, click here!  
Please note that Mint on Card has now created a separate site for those outside the United States. If you are one of those people, please click here instead to go to their new global site. Also, all Events are currently going on in their respective doll companies, so if you'd prefer to order directly from them, please click the links attached to the names of the doll-sites above. (Doll Love and Only-Doll Events are both with M.o.C. ONLY.) However, the sites may be in another language.

I will try to update this again if I find anymore sites having Fall Events. If not, good luck with these ones! I hope everyone enjoys these events before time runs out!!

Also, hoping to get my hands on a LeekeWorld Ariana sometime soon. ;) (Along with miscellaneous supplies.) So, wish me luck! ♥ Her odd face has charmed me since I first started my researching of BJD earlier this year. I'm praying the one I've found will soon be mine. >w< Lest someone gets her first. Lol.

As always, thanks for joining me! Tell your friends! Share the entry! And be sure to check out and 'Like' my FaceBook page for regular updates and events! (Like: Yo-SD clothing is currently being made!)

See you again soon!
-The BJD Addict