Monday, May 28, 2012

Pools, Tables, Toys, and Painting

So~! As of this week, I have gotten over the cold, helped Kole get well again, played outside with baby pools and water tables, gardened, painted a fence, and opened a very LARGE swimming pool. Lol. There was some shopping and some cleaning in there too, but those are usual things. >w< I even got to watch the entire series (a whole 12, 24min episodes) of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Creepiest. Anime. I've. Ever. Watched. >.< It's so nice and la-la-la until BAM! it creeps you out with all sorts of things you don't think would ever creep you out!! >o< But I'm glad I watched it. :) I can officially put ANOTHER Anime under my belt. Lol.

Oh, speaking of Anime, TOONAMI is back and they've made it into an Anime block instead of an Action block. This past weekend's lineup was:

T.O.M. 3.0
12:00 a.m.Bleach
12:30 a.m.Deadman Wonderland
1:00 a.m.Casshern Sins
1:30 a.m.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2:00 a.m.Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG
2:30 a.m.Cowboy Bebop
3:00 a.m.Bleach
3:30 a.m.Deadman Wonderland
4:00 a.m.Casshern Sins
4:30 a.m.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
5:00 a.m.Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG
5:30 a.m.Cowboy Bebop

Yes, those of you who do not watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, Toonami/the original Saturday Anime Block repeats the WHOLE schedule halfway through. I left the TV on in support (AS needs the funds for a better showing of Anime), but caught the end of Deadman Wonderland (last 15 mins) and watched Casshern Sins (I have already seen most of parts of the others, those are the only new ones.) because Kole kept having nightmares, the poor dear. :(  Deadman Wonderland is NOT my cup of tea. It seems REALLY stupid. x_x But I did enjoy Casshern Sins. I can't wait to see what next weekend has in store for us. :D

Sewing has been completely placed on the back-burner and there have been views, but NO purchases from the Ball-Jointed Boutique. >.< Patience is a virtue, but waiting takes forever. @_@ I know it has only been a month, however, it'd be nice to have SOMEONE like an item I list or something. >.< It's so discouraging. I know people have viewed them, but no one seems interested enough to buy. :\ Justin has even begun teasing me that I better start selling things. >.< I'm guessing he thought it would go off with a bang instead of a poof.

Uff. Opened the pool yesterday. It's always so gross until the cover is off, then I'm in my suit and ready to jump in it. Lol. This time, I almost did it, then saw these HUMONGOUS spiders at the bottom. Dead spiders, but still HUGE and GROSS. XD I like spiders, but I like them alive and eating bugs, not dead and floating eerily at the bottom of my pool. Lol. We still need to vacuum them up and finish painting around the edges. I also am in charge of patching the rips in the pool liner. (It's an inground pool, made of wood and sand and a plastic liner, that's about 12 years old.) I should probably go do that as soon as Kole wakes up. Lol. He's currently napping beside me.

Oh yeah, I took C.C. (C2, Shii-Tsuu) outside and took her picture in front of Justin's mom's rosebush. It's her first picture taken outdoors. She actually looks really lovely considering it was taken with an iPhone. :) A whole 3 megapixels and it's THAT detailed. Lol. She needs shoes though, she looks ridiculous standing on bricks in her socks praying for rain on the hot day. >w< Lol.

Well, that's all for this update. Time to get to work. :)


Thanks for reading!! :D

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pajama Listing and Other Things

Decided I should stop by and give an update in-between sewing, cleaning, and dealing with a sick munchkin. Lol.

C.C. modelling the jammies.
I finally decided to just post the Pajama Listing without taking more pictures. My camera charger was placed somewhere while clearing out the bedroom, so I have yet to find it and take more photos. :( I am hoping to locate it and and post them very soon. At least the camera hasn't run away.... Yet...

Still working on that lined tank-top dress. Every time I get one part done, Kole wakes up from his nap, so it's a VERY slow process. @_@ I literally sewed the 1 1/2in sleeve-hole yesterday and then he woke up! A whole 2 minutes of sewing! x_x I need to pick a time where I DON'T need to clean or do laundry before I can sew and just sew the whole time. x_x I wish there was more light when Kole finally goes to bed. Lol. I'd see better. *Note to Self: Invest in a portable bright light. Lol.*

Somewhere while biking and visiting family and friends, I caught a cold that is VERY prominent as of today, and poor Kole sounds like he's getting it as well. :( Not a very big cold, but it still does some damage. Even cleaning up the house today took longer than usual because I kept sitting down with a pounding head or from feeling dizzy. And OH THE SNEEZING!!! x_x  I extremely dislike sneezing!! Normally, I can sneeze a cute little "chu!" so I'm not too loud and spit doesn't fly everywhere, but with a cold, my ears pop and I have to sneeze like a normal person. It completely sucks!

On a good note, sometime last week or maybe even two weekends ago, I decided on my last two members of my "Resinsoul Family". I think Resinsoul Mei and Resinsoul Song would make good parents to the twins and Yu. (Yes, I know that 40-46cm dolls are supposed to be "teens", but I don't plan on having many LARGE BJD, so 40-46cm is big enough for my "adults". Lol.)

Resinsoul Song - 44cm                Resinsoul Mei - 42cm

They are both very lovely sculpts and I really think they would fit, feature-wise, as the parents. I tried to find someone bigger, just to try and stick to the adult/teen/child regulation, but I couldn't find a larger Resinsoul that I liked. Lol. I'm rather picky. >w<

Medicom Madoka holding the Figma Madoka.
Picture from Danny Choo's blog.
I also, since I follow Danny Choo, have found myself in love with the cuteness that is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. >w< The other day he posted about Medicom Toy, a Japanese toy/action figure company, deciding to make a 30cm, ball-jointed doll-like doll of Madoka Kaname, and I completely fell in love with her. >.< (And her Figma, for that matter. Lol.) She's truly adorable, and a BJD-like version only sells me even more. >w< However, I DID find her original BJD-like doll on Amazon. She was dressed in the school uniform and comes with Kyubey, the creature that turns her into a magical girl (Puella Magi). She was just as expensive as Rolly, though, so I can only imagine how much the Medicom Madoka will cost. Lol. Both dolls really are a work of art, though. >w< Most definitely worth their price... I just doubt I will ever get them. >w< (Maybe the Figma, at least. Lol. I need SOMETHING of Madoka to gawk at, instead of looking online or reading books. >w<)

But alright, time to stop going on and on about adding things to my wishlist... Need to get back to work, I can hear my little man waking up. Lol.

Thanks for reading~! ♥

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mobile Mama Translator

So~! Over the past few days, I have been traveling around on my bike. My parents bought me a baby bike seat for my birthday, and the three of us finally put it on my bike earlier this week. (after an hour and a half! x_x The reviews were right! ridiculous!) So I have gone about 9-10 miles in the past two days alone. >.< It's GLORIOUS to be able to be self-reliant on transportation. Lol. It's a nice little seat too... Though, I'm not sure what I will do next summer. Kole will only be two, but I'm almost positive he won't fit the seat anymore (even though it says 1-4, or something similar, on the side). I hope I can find something that works for him. :\ Bc I LOVE this. (He does too. He gets to see cars and trucks. Lol.)

I finally stumbled upon the wonder that is Resinsoul. I can't believe their prices are so LOW!! (I had to have this explained to me by some of my fellow BJD Group members on Facebook.) I guess they promised BJD at low costs. And their color selection is WONDERFUL! So many colors to choose from for only a few dollars more? Are you kidding me?! I can get a coffee colored doll for $10-$12 more? That's it?! So, I was thinking, "What's the catch?" but everyone explained that they use a different kind of resin. Not that it's a bad kind or too fragile, but it's less expensive to use. They also don't spend thousands on making limited edition dolls or items.

I'm currently in love with Bei, Xu, and Yu from Resinsoul. All tinies. Lol. And Xu is fate because my Chinese last name (my name is made up from my first name only, not my first and last) is Xu (许).

Resinsoul Bei - 27cm         Resinsoul Xu - 28cm          Resinsoul Yu - 15cm
$100                    $110                         $75

I know that they will be siblings, I just have no idea what color I want them all to have. Lol. I DO love that they have pointy ears, though. >w< Finally, some gorgeous pointy earred dolls!! But that's somewhere down the line... Like next year... After Rolly get's here and is happy with her appearance. Lol. (Two more payments! I'm so excited! Two more and she's mine!! >w<)

Blueprint of a BJD
From Step 1
As you might have noticed, the Tabs Bar has taken a vacation and has been replaced by a Text Widget displaying the same words. Well, I am currently in the process of translating that Aimi Doll Tutorial from Japanese to English. After one full day of translating, I have the Main Page and the first link of the first Step finished. @_@ I had to take away the Tabs bar to make the pages work with me. >w< Otherwise, every page would have had its own Tab. x_x And that would NOT have worked. Lol. 

Sewing-wise, I'm a bum. I'm slowly working on everything now... I think I've burned myself out. >.< It's awful! Maybe once I get the sewing machine skills tuned, I'll sew faster everyday. Lol. Here's hoping! But at least the house is staying clean and the laundry has been kept done. Do a load a day, it works wonders! >w< Laundry breeds when left untouched. Lol. It's true!!

Ah, well, this is an early entry... I didn't think I would finish it before this afternoon, but I guess being able to type 72 words a minute (and read 864 words a minute), things go by a lot faster than expected. Lol.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day~ Thanks for reading! >w< ♥ ♥

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sewing and BJD Research

Aimi Doll
Happy Children's Day~~!!!

So, as of right now, I am continuing finishing touches and perfections on the t-shirt, yoga pants, and the tank top dress; and I'm still messing with the pattern for a school-girl skirt... I'm not too sure how to go about it... Any suggestions are welcome!! >.<

I keep researching all I can about BJD... Like EVERYTHING... I now know all types of BJD inside and out. Lol. It made me want to learn how to make one, but I found it very difficult to find a good site with the right tutorial. I finally, after about an hour and a half of researching, came upon an all-Japanese site: Aimi Doll - How To with the right tutorial. If nothing else, after going through it, it makes me want to translate it. >w< And maybe I'll learn some more Japanese after it all. :3 The doll it depicts is a very beautiful sculpt, but, from what I can see, it is a VERY large doll. Many of the pictures show a leg or arm in the hand of the artist, and the piece is bigger than the fingers!! It's HUGE!!! And I don't mean SD huge, I mean like a SUPER SD or something; big enough to sit on a chair and look like a small child! >w<

But anywho, things are sewing smoothly, life is going well, and Kole is talking more everyday. He's so wonderful. >w< Being a mother is truly the best and most important thing in my life. It's amazing. :) ♥ Today, every time I said, "I," he would repeat it, perfectly and clearly; then I would go onto say, "love," and he would smile a big smile, giggle, and say, "Love Daddy!" He's 13 months old!!! Where has my little baby gone?! >.< He's such a big boy now! He even wears 18 month clothing already! It's nuts!!

The finished Aimi Doll.
I truly cannot wait until I have a more "store-like" store going on Etsy. I really want it to be like a "one stop shop" for MSD-sized BJD one day. My girlfriend is planning on purchasing an Island Doll Shukaku, who is technically Wallace's "brother", so I will soon enough have a model for male clothing! >w< It's actually very exciting! :3 He will be the first resin doll I have ever actually touched. >w< Now, don't get me wrong, I've SEEN resin dolls before, like from a foot away, but I've never TOUCHED one. Lol. I literally have no idea how much they weigh in one's hands. It makes me want Rolly even more. >.< ♥

Well, until next time, thanks for reading everyone!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day - Short Entry

Well, ladies and gentleman, it's here... May 1st, 2012... And I have a rousing 5 items to open my store with: 2 pairs of stockings, a pair of yoga pants, and a pajama set. >.< NOT what I was hoping for, but still, a good job nonetheless. Since I've decided to make my items to order, things have become a little easier, but still difficult. I've never been one for deadlines... Unless it was a paper... PAPERS I can write the day I'm given the assignment, and turn them in the day after. And a teething 1 year old doesn't make things any easier. I was going to sew all day yesterday and ended up only getting a few stitches sewn due to someone wanting to cuddle or fussing. >.<

However, I only got 1 listed. The stockings. >.< I had a May Day Meeting today with my fellow ladies, and only managed to get 1 fully posted before I had cleaning and babying to do. >w< SO~ Following the original plan, lets add 1 a day this month. :D Sounds like fun to me. Lol. Definitely nice to have 1 mandatory thing to do every day. After a while of every day activities, you begin to miss school!

Today was eventful. Kole would NOT take a nap, cooking and cleaning, planting seeds, walking, visiting a park under construction, and more cleaning once everyone left. Man alive am I tired!! >.<

We are at 0 days... Happy May Day everyone... Goodnight~ ♥