Monday, September 16, 2013

New FairyLand Event and Sewing Projects

Hello again, and welcome to another edition of the Ball-Jointed Baby!

So~!  The event first:

FairyLand Nanuri 2014 Event

Event Period:  September 13, 2013 - October 13, 2013

Customers are eligible to receive following gifts for orders priced:

1.  Nanuri Event

-  A)  $250 or abovePukiFee Swimming Flippers (BW skin only)

-  B)  $400 or above:  PukiFee Diving Helmet (BW skin only)

-  C)  $600 or above:  MiniFee Nanuri Head (Natural or BW skin only)

-  D)  $600 or above:  PukiFee Swimming Set (A. diving helmet + B. swimming flippers)

-  E)  $800 or above:  FeePle60 Nanuri Head (Natural, BW or Tan **)

-  F)  $1500 or above:  c + d + e

**Orders priced $800 or above AND containing Tan Skin FeePle60 body or Tan Skin FeePle60 A la Carte can select Nanuri Head in Tan Skin option.

2.  FeePle60 1 Year Anniversary Event - Body Sale

The FeePle60 body will be available for the duration of the event.  Please note that the price has been altered for the event and tan skin is also available.*

*FeePle60 body or A la Carte in other skin tone are not eligible for Tan Skin Nanuri head.
If you can participate, I would!  Those FeePle60 bodies are simply gorgeous!!  And Nanuri is just plain lovely... I have the LittleFee myself.  ;)
On the sewing front, possibly, I'm hoping to make grab bags or OOAK things for Halloween...  Sewing by hand, of course.  So, let's cross our fingers and hope, shall we?  Lol. 
Well, that's all I have time for today.  Hopefully you enjoyed the little tidbit of Event info I had for you!
Thanks for joining me!  I hope to see you again soon!
♥ The BJD Addict

Friday, September 13, 2013

SD Sizes + Updates

Hello again!  As always, sorry for the pause, but here we are, once again, joining together for another edition of the Ball-Jointed Baby~!

As you could probably tell from the title, if you read the titles of blog posts, this entry is going to be about SD sizes.  Why, you may ask, because I am taking advantage of Leeke's offering of Arien (57.5cm), and getting my first and only SD sized doll.

After realizing that this I probably my one and only chance at getting her, I've decided to go for it!  I have wanted her since I laid eyes on Kaine, cats10's LeekeWorld Arien on an AriaDoll 14yr.  body.  Just look at those freckles!!  Isn't she darling?!

So! As of October 5th, I will have paid 3/4's of her bill, and she already has a wardrobe waiting for her when she gets home.

Man, a lot has happened since my last entry...  I even had a draft left over from April...  That totally will not get finished... XD

Well, let's start from the beginning, as all story's do, and just go from there, shall we? :)

Selling on eBay:
I've begun selling my doll things I no longer need on eBay.  It's taking me a while to get everything uploaded, but I've already sold 3 of 9, so I guess that's a good start.  Lol.  It's all BJD stuff right now, including my DZ Nono, so, if you're interested, go check it out!  ;)  I already sold my Dollfie Dream 04 head, a limited Leeke wig, and the school uniform I got a while back FOR the DD girl.  Lol.    Hopefully, I will have more eyes and such up soon.  :)

New Dolls in the Household:
So...  In total... I have 9 dolls... NINE! 

WHAT THE HELL?!?!  When did that happen?!?! 

By the end of 2013, I will have Eliana (LeekeWorld L-Type Arien, 57.8cm), C.C. (Parabox 40cm Alice), Lettie (LeekeWorld A-Type Ariana, 40cm), Fallen (Doll in Mind Happy Flowne, 41cm), Harumi (LUTS Kid Delf Coco, 41cm), Addie (LeekeWorld A-Type/M-Type Mikhaila, 37.8cm), Rolly (FairyLand LittleFee Rolly, 25cm), Chiyo (VOLKS Yo-SDG Chika, 27cm), and Arturia (FairyLand LittleFee Nanuri, 25cm).  Nine girls...  Wow...  I'm definitely a happy doll mama.  Lol. 

Harumi came from a friend on FaceBook, and you all know Saber (Arturia) has been a year in the making.  Lol.  Her poor eyebrow is already scratched, though, so I'll have to remove her eyes and redo that spot...  I loathe the idea... -_-  I am working on a pair of jeans for Haru' though...  So hopefully they're done soon.  Lol.  I doubt it.  XD  At this rate, I'm flopping.  Time to dust off the pants and try again, right?  :)

New Job Updates!!:
If you didn't know from last time, I finally have an official, go to everyday, job, and everything is going smoothly!  I really love working there, and I can't wait to go back each day!  I never thought I'd enjoy talking to people face-to-face every day, but I truly do.  It's awesome!

New Ball-Joint Dollies:
I discovered Cu-Poche a while ago...  Still don't know how to pronounce it, but hey...  Lol.  And I have 2 of the 5 currently out, Madoka (my most recent and an anniversary gift from Justin) and Dark Magician Girl/Black Magic Girl (my birthday present, pre-order from back in March/April).  Both just got here within a week of each other, and they're just darling!  14+ points of articulation, so not an ART ball-jointed doll, but a ball-jointed doll nonetheless.  Lol.  I love ALL the dolls!!  :D  Truly, I do.  Lol.

Okay...  That's all for now...  I feel like if I don't publish soon, I won't publish ever...  Esp. since the fist half of this entry was written back in July... >.>

As always, thanks for joining me!

Hope to see you all again soon! ♥

-The BJD Addict

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi guys!! >.<
Goodness me, it has been a while!!

Well, let's get this show on the road!  Welcome to another edition of the Ball-Jointed Baby! Brought to you by The Ball-Jointed Boutique!!

Please forgive my epically long disappearance... Life became... Well, hell... >.> But let's stick to the cheery parts, shall we? ;)

So!  First things first!  The girls~!

 A friend of mine who loves BJD, but does not have one as of yet started asking me about C.C., so I decided to take her out for a photo... Which ended up being a GROUP photo. XD  So here they are, my full-body girls (from Left to Right) Chiyo, Fallen, C.C., Talia (in C.C.'s lap), Lettie, and Rolly.  As of right now, I have two floating heads, Arturia (Saber from the Fate series) and Meiko, but hopefully they will have bodies soon.  Arturia is a Fairyland LittleFee Nanuri (2012) in normal skin, and Mei is a VOLKS Mini Dollfie Dream, 04 head in normal skin.  I don't have a picture of Mei yet, she is eye-less and I want to redo her face-up, but I DO have one of Saber.

 Even though I prefer both Fallen (my elf-faery) and Lettie (my girl from the 1890s) in their birthday suits, I did decide to let them try out clothes again.  Fallen's was an accident.  I wrapped her up in a bit of cloth to keep her from getting marked up, and then switched the cloth out for something else when I realized I liked that look for her.  Lol.  So, Fallen ended up wearing a Sari-type outfit with a sash to keep it all together.  Lettie, on the other hand, ended up in an outfit (AND SHOES) I got from a friend.  It is destined for Mei, but Lettie can borrow it for now, even if "school girl" outfits DO NOT fit into the 1890s.  Lol.

Secondly, on May 1st, 2013, the BJB turned 1!!  One whole year old!!  XD  Has it really been that long??

Now, I know I said I wanted to have a give-away for the first anniversary, but yeah, that didn't happen... What DID happen, was my machine giving out on me, finally, after surviving 4 generations of seamstresses.  I am looking, but I have yet to get another one.  :(  Right now, I've been mostly making stockings, we've had a few orders for them, but it's been difficult to make much else and have it turn out lovely enough to sell.  :(  Too many bad test results.  Lol.  So, back to the drawing board.

Now that school is out and I've decided on not going back until Kole is in school, I should have more time to design and make outfits.  I'm still debating with the OOAK outfits on top of the others or just instead of the other sets.  Hopefully, between Kole and working (HELL YES!  I GOT A JOB!! XD), I will have time to make more for the shop by hand.  Hmm, maybe I can take some to work... Some women do their knitting... >.>

On that note, I managed to get my hands on a pack of Indian-looking fabrics from Joann's.  Not sure what the plan is for them yet, but I adore the prints already!  They remind me of henna mendhi designs for hands and feet.  XD  I've been wanting henna for a while now, so I think I was drawn to the pack from that internal longing.  I miss my hands covered in gorgeous, deep brown henna... Even if some people think it's weird for me to have it.

But alright... Time for me to get a move on... I hear the little man waking from his nap. ♥

Thanks for joining me, once again! :D

Until next time!
-The BJD Addict

Friday, March 29, 2013


So, since I wanted to get a larger entry in for this time, I've decided to do it in parts.  I'm going to date each part for the day I do it, and post when I'm done getting everything I want put into the entry.

Monday, March 25th, 2013 - Regular Things & Event News
Well, as of today, I barely have sewing done...  I'm praying I will get everything banged out by Easter Sunday, if not ON Easter Sunday...  I mean, c'mon, all I need to do that day is cook, clean, and take care of Kole...  I should be able to at least finish one shirt and two pairs of pants in that time.  Lol.  It just means I'll be sewing by hand.  XD

I have my math exam tomorrow, the one I've been studying relentlessly for since the week before last... :(  Math isn't my strong point... So, hopefully, I can pass that.  @_@  Plus, I have some Chinese HW to catch up on... x_x

Click here for image details.
I DID learn about a couple events going on currently on a couple of my favorite doll sites to visit.  Right now, LeekeWorld (DDE link) has two events going on: Project Doll Ashley and Spring Event 2013.  As you can guess, the Ashley Event is for their Art Doll Ashley, for either her whole self or her head.  This Event is from March 4th - March 31st, so act fast if you're after her because the time is almost up! The Spring Event has many items ranging from two new heads, two new bodies, pastel colored wigs, and new glass eyes.  This Event is from March 20th - April 21st.  You have some time yet, and I've learned from Denver Doll itself that they are getting some things from this Event and will be listing them shortly. :)  Remember: DDE allows layaway for those of us who don't always want to/are unable to spend so much at once.

Currently, I am looking for a LittleFee Nanuri from last year's event.  I wanted to get one, but ran out of time trying to decide who to buy to earn the face-plate.  Lol.  So!  I'm looking for a blank LTF Nanuri face-plate, in either skin tone... And, if anyone knows of a LTF body for sale, WITH THE HEAD BACK, please let me know.  Either gender is fine, I'll toss this one up to fate. ;)

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 - Exam, Egg Coloring, & Build-A-Bear
Uff... Took my Math Exam yesterday after studying up until test time... I could answer 23 out of 30, so hopefully that's enough for me to pass with a decent grade.

We colored eggs today too.  >.< It was actually hilarious to see Kole dying his eggs all green, and then smashing them accidentally on the table, only to say, "Oops!" in his cute little voice.  I'd say this was a success for his first try.  We have 6 or 7 (I can't recall how many survived) pale green eggs from his venture, and he looked like such an expert as he did it.  He even figured out how to use the metal-wire egg scoop that came in the box, nobody showed him how!  XD  (And of course, Mommy made a TARDIS egg, just for fun.  Lol.)

We even managed to make it up to Build-A-Bear Workshop for a very important bear, the Autism Awareness Bear from Autism Speaks.  This bear, not only raises awareness for Autism, but donates to Autism Speaks to fund research and therapy for people with Autism.  But, this bear is also my first and only Build-A-Bear, something I've had on my Bucket List since my sister got one when I was 8 years old.  Lol.  It's nice to finally cross that off.  The women working there, despite my best efforts to include Kole in all the proceedings, knew this bear was mine and had me go through all the steps that the children go through to make their bears.  They were actually rather joyous to do it, too.  I had my family with me (except for Justin and Dad), and my Mom decided to tell them that I had never gotten a bear as a child, but always wanted one... I think this is what made the women change how they acted towards me getting the bear.  The elder one seemed to want to make sure I had the whole experience... She even made me make a wish and kiss the heart before I put it inside the bear.  I felt my cheeks flush, but she only smiled and acted as if there was nothing silly about it.  People like her make me feel like there is still some hope for humanity.  I appreciated it more than she will ever know.  Lol.  So now, I have 'Puzzle', my Autism Awareness Build-A-Bear, and I couldn't be happier about him.  :)

Friday, March 29th, 2013 - LUTS & Progress
Well, as of today, there isn't much progress.  :(  I actually typed the "Wednesday" part of the entry just before typing this one because I haven't had time to sit down at the computer and write.  Even with homework, I'm only struggling to keep up.  >.<  Lol.  I don't know where I thought this would be easy to get into the swing of, but hopefully I can pull through to the end of this semester with my last few classes like I did with my Psych class.  Managed to pass it right at the end, thank goodness, even though I practically failed my final for it.  :(  Psychology is definitely not one of my strong points, now that I've taken it.  Lol.

I did get a notice from LUTS about a sale that begins today, however, so I thought I'd take a minute
and share it.  From today at 12pm until April 19th at 12pm, LUTS is having a Special Sale:

- 30 ~ 50% discount for Wigs
- 20 ~ 30 % for Clothes
- 30 % for Shoes
- 50%  for L.G No. Eyes
* EXCEPTION : shoes in "Special Sale" Category / Some of new released items.

So, hopefully people can take advantage of that before the sale ends.  I know I'm hoping to... Maybe I can get the girls some shoes.  Lol.  Everyone is barefoot/sock-footed!! XD  Or a new outfit for C.C. ... She does look silly as a maid... >.>

Well, I'm going to get back to work.  Hopefully I can figure out what I need to do school-wise before it's too late... The due date is tomorrow night, I think.  Lol. 

Thanks for joining me!  I'm glad to finally have a long entry... Maybe I need to do all my entries this way.  Lol.  Separated by dates and such... It might make for a better entry.  :)

Hope to see you again soon!
♥ The BJD Addict

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Month, New Doll, New Post

Hello again! :) Sorry for being away for so long, as I said in the last update, school has been eating me alive... Even now, I have exams and homework due, and this is my Spring Break week!! XD It's swamping me!!... And we (our whole house, grandparents' houses, and extended family's houses) have all been sick for the past two weeks, completely stopping normal work and productions.  :(  I hope no one has to go through this terrible cold!!

Well, since last month as busier than usual, I didn't have time to finish the shirts. So! I plan on uploading both the shirts and the pants by the end if this month/beginning of April.  Hopefully I will finish in time, I'm finding that the Art Doll clothing is causing me more trouble than I allotted time.

Remember when I said I knew what my Valentine's day present was? Well, meet Chiyo, my VOLKS Yo-SDG Chika! She has her original face-up, wig, and eyes, and we managed to get her for her original price!! It was fate!! XD  She's really just the sweetest little thing, and she and Rolly have become rather attached at the hip.  Lol.  I can't seem to separate them!

I do not have much time to update, so this entry will be short, but thank you for those of you who have stuck with me through this dry period.  It truly means so much that people will stay even when things are taking a long time to progress.  ♥

I hope everyone is doing well in their lives, both home and away.  Thank you for joining me once again!

The next update will be much more informative, I'm sure of it. ;)

Thanks for reading!
- The BJD Addict

Monday, February 4, 2013

Reopened Shop

Hello again! :) Welcome back! Or, if you just found us, welcome! Thanks for joining us! Pleasure to have you! :D

As you can see, the shop has been reopened!  :)  Newly listed are Art Doll stockings, MSD Stockings, and Yo-SD socks.   I'm currently in the process of making shirts for all three sizes and those will be uploaded by March 1st.  :)  Art Doll clothing is coming along swimmingly, really.  I made adjustments to my test projects (the clothes Lettie has on currently are hand-me-downs and a bodice in-progress). 

So far, homework has been eating me alive, so if I happen to be late with responding to anything, please forgive me. :(  My professor informed me that my class workload is currently the equivalent of a full-time job paired with a part-time job... And I have a toddler on top of it.  Lol.  I've already been told I'm nuts, but most people are encouraging me, so I'm very grateful to them for their support.  Now if only I could finish homework faster, I'd be happier with everything.

 I am, however, doing well with making patterns for the Art Dolls.  Now, please don't misunderstand, this is a learning process, I'm not going to have a full shop of Art Doll clothing in less than a week, but I can still make the patterns and alter them as I test them each when I have a moment or two.  So far, I have patterns for shirts, skirts, stockings, sleeves, cuffs, and dresses all done up to be tested.  Her bodice pattern had to be taken in, so I'm sure her shirt patterns will as well.  Please bear with me as I make this happen.  It is all trial and error until things fit Lettie perfectly.  (No one wants a baggy dress or pair of pants for their doll.  XD)

I DID do Lettie's face-up finally.  Two weekends ago, actually.  My new can of ZM Powder came in two Fridays ago...  And then Justin found my missing two cans in another room's closet just yesterday...  And HE put them there...  -_-  Ah well, at least I am stocked for whenever I get a new doll that needs a face-up or body blush job.  Lol.

I actually had to do some research for Lettie's face-up.  She's a character from my story that is set in 1891, so I had to see what types of make-up they wore back then.  Thank goodness I chose a snow skin doll because fair skin was the goal in the 1890s.  I applied a light bit of "rouge" to her lips and cheeks, and even gave her a pale powder blue rim of "eyeshadow".  It's barely noticeable, but that's how they wanted it back then.  Lips and cheeks only, IF they could get away with it.  Lol.  Now I just have to learn how to make a bustle for an Art Doll... My greatest idea ever...  x_x  Putting Lettie into the 1800s...  -_-

Well, happy February everyone.  :)  Justin worked with me to already get my Valentine's Day present... But shhh!  I'm not supposed to know!!  ;)  Lol.  I'll give you a hint, it's one of my "Grail Dolls".  :D

That's all for now!  This entry has gone on long enough!  (I started it on the 1st!  x_x)  I hope you're all well!!  As always, thanks for reading!

Until next time! ;)

-The BJD Addict

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shop Under Construction

Hallo again!  Welcome back to another rousing entry to the Ball-Jointed Baby!  >w<  Lol.

First things first, LETTIE HAS ARRIVED!!  She's here, and she's gorgeous!!  Unfortunately, I went to spray her with sealant, and found out my bottle was empty.  x_x  What made me keep the empty bottle and NOT throw it away is a mystery to me, but now I'm waiting on my new can to arrive.  It should be here by Friday, so I can make her perfectly lovely then.  ;)  Lol. (Sorry for the shabby photo, iPhone pic + the last of the quickies I took as I removed her from her box.  Quick eye, wig, and Rolly's apron placement.  Lol.)

I hope everyone is staying well, it's freezing here today, both inside and out, but I'm trying my best at keeping my fingers warm so I can finish working. ;)

If you haven't noticed, the shop is close for "vacation" time.  Lol.  I shut it down for now, so I can re-list and update my listings.  Hopefully, it will look like a brand new store once I finish.  Come February 1st, I shall have new stockings listed in Yo-SD, MSD, and Art Doll sizes.  I wanted to do SD, and it is still on my To-Do List, but I do not have an SD to try things on yet, so those will need to wait until a later time, unfortunately.  :\  Perhaps sometime soon.  ;)

So, this month is stockings and next month is shirts.  I should be able to start early on the shirts, though, since stockings can be made easily in less than an hour for a single pair. (I still sew them by hand, but I've been debating on the sewing machine, not that you can tell the difference. Lol.)

School has begun again as of today, so I'm back to juggling classes and the Etsy store, since Kole has become a cinch.  XD  Lol.  Hopefully I can stay on track as school work picks up.  I'm officially in my required classes for my degree (instead of the basic required classes), so I now have to go to a school and "shadow" a teacher for 35 class hours by the end of my 16 week semester... Well, 15-14 because I wont be able to go to a school until I am placed and properly notified, so hopefully I can get this done well without too many panic attacks.  >.<  I am in Chinese, Education, Algebra II, and Psychology this semester.  Let's hope I can have fun again!  >w<  Learning is always better when one is having fun, and I want to be that classy, fun teacher! >w<

Well, better get back to work!  Thanks for reading~! ♥

See you again soon!
-The BJD Addict

Monday, January 14, 2013


"Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"
- Mrs. Frizzle; The Magic School Bus

Welcome! :)  I hope everyone's new year is going well thus far!  Mine has been full of planning already.  Lol.  Never a dull moment here, that's for sure.

So, as you know, my first (almost) year with the shop has been a definite learning experience.  I set out with a goal too large for me to complete with the time-frame and the life obstacles I had.  This time around, I'm planning it out properly.  I made up two worksheets, one for the first 6 months of this year and one for the second 6 months of this year, so I can stay organized.  Each month, I will have a set item to make in each size.  I want to do SD sized clothing, however, I do not have an SD sized doll nor access to one at the moment, so I'm a little wary of making them and selling them without being able to try them out on a doll.  So, hopefully, this will be the proper workload and will enable me to get everything done before the end of the year.  I want to have the SteamPunk set completed by the time May 1st comes around, and I'm even thinking about making one for a Yo-SD, but I'm not sure if I will.  I don't want to bite off more than I can chew again.  Lol.

As you can see, I also added a few new things to the TABS bar up above. ;) I figured we needed a way to let everyone who doesn't read the blog or doesn't like to shift through all my ramblings know what's going on every month with the shop, so I planned out a monthly newsletter.  Each newsletter will tell of things just added to the shop and things that will be added by the end of the month. :)

Sorry this is so short, but I wanted to post it ages ago and was too busy to finish. Hopefully I can post a longer one this weekend.

Thanks for reading~! ♥
-The BJD Addict

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry I have been away, this time of year is busier than normal now. :/

Well, my New Year's Resolution this year is to make and list more clothing. I started out with an enormous goal that I had the audacity to believe I could finish, however, now I know and now I can adjust things to sew faster and make better patterns. Everything has been trial and error here, and now I see how silly I had been thinking, how inexperienced I really was. This year, I vow to do better. I vow to finish the Steampunk outfit in time for the one year anniversary, and to have more outfits as well as more separates. :) Hopefully I will have some sets that fit Leeke Ariana as well. :) (She'll be here soon! I'm so excited!)

I DID finish Rolly's cute little snowflake outfit, however, I had to remove her head to put her shirt on, but now I know how NOT to make that shirt. XD Ah well, it's a learn-as-you-go type of thing. I feel like I will need to cut the neck seam a bit and then take it off, fix the stitches I may have destroyed, and then add snaps. >w< I should have done snaps to begin with, but I'm just too stubborn. Lol. I plan on making more sets like this, OOAK or limited sets, however, because this outfit was actually very difficult to sew by hand, let alone attempting the machine. Lol. I will definitely have sets like this up by the 1 year mark. I already have different fabrics selected for it and I plan on making before listing with this one, since it takes about 3 weeks to complete and school is already just around the corner again. >w< Hopefully I can have some OOAK ones for springtime up soon, at least one for sure. I even got new sewing supplies from my mother for Christmas, so I have more to work with now (and a bigger sewing box, I was working out of an 11" by 5" by 5" box, and that is NOT enough room).

I'm going to start more outfits today as I celebrate my New Year with my love, our son, and my family at my grandmother's house. :) (I managed to start one yesterday, but we'll see how that one goes.)

On some family-like notes: Kole is progressing much faster than most children. He is speaking full sentences, learning new words and creating his own sentences from them, reciting his ABCs, and he even used the loo all by himself on Saturday. (He had just gotten out of the tub and I was toweling him off when he says, "Mommy, I need to poopie," and runs away back to the bathroom. I chase him down to find him sitting there on his potty all gentleman-like, and then I actually hear him go (#1, not #2, he isn't really good with knowing which is which yet, lol)! I literally started jumping up and down and yelling to the rest of the family that he was going all by himself. And this was the first time he's ever tried to actually go! I was so proud of him. >w<) My little man still isn't even two and he's already surpassing myself as a child (who spoke and read at one) as well as kids older than him that he plays with. It's almost scary, really. I'm thankful he's shy to adults he's never met, or else I'd be even more worried about him. Lol. (I'm such a worrying mama.)

Well, in the news of school, I managed to get an A, two Bs, and a C, passing every one of them. >w< I truly could not believe it, especially the B in math... I never get Bs in math. Lol. (I'm more of an arts, languages, and history person.) Now I just need to get the rest of my books for this semester, hopefully by the week before, so I can be at least a little prepared. My school is kinda funny on when you can purchase books from the store, and the lines are never friendly. Lol.

Well, forgive me for not updating more, hopefully I can do that now, but that's all for the moment. This post has become long enough. :)

I hope everyone is well and I wish you all a very prosperous New Year. :) ♥

Thanks for joining me~!
♥ The BJD Addict