Friday, April 3, 2015

New Years, New Tries

Oh goodness, well, here we are again... Another failure in the bucket... :\

Thank you for joining me once again, if I haven't lost you, and if you're new to the blog, welcome!

It has been almost three years of ups and downs in this hobby and in this attempt to run my store, and I always feel like no matter what I do, I hit a brick wall.  With school, with parenting, with finding a place to move into with my fiance... Every time, my ideas slap me in the face...

So, a couple weeks back, I made some changes.  I began taking vitamins, I changed my diet and exercise, and I changed the way I stay organized.  I cleaned up my room, so to speak, and my support team have been here cheering me on every step of the way.

My BJD partner in crime, Heather T., told me, "[That's] life dear, little tiny wins, heavy losses... Such is a life as a human, but it's the little things that keep us going."

Well, my little things... Let's make a list, shall we?  Keep us going?

  • We made it to the end of the year with only 2 trips to the ER (the only two I've ever had in my whole life).
  • I managed to find a cute way to make a Yo-SD dress, despite not finishing because of a couple errors.
  • Got a new sewing machine!!! A beautiful one from my parents and I've been testing it out ever since!
  • Wonderful, new dolls were added to our doll family, including our first SD-sized friend, Eliana, who will be helping me with the SD lady's clothing!!
  • New jobs and raises for my fiance and I, hopefully great ones that we will keep and grow with!
  • A face-lift for the shop, along with new cards and things. (We found another well-known site used the same ones as our butterflies, so we opted to change them.)
........ And so many more little things that just make me smile. :)
Page update and 260 Likes!!

We've finally hit the 260 Like mark! Nothing special to those big stores, but, for us here at the BJB, it's wonderful!  Thank you so much for your support!!  We cannot express how much we appreciate you all standing behind us!!

Hopefully this year is full of many wonderful things to come! We hit our 3 year mark on May 1st, so let's see what surprises we can cook up by then!! :D

Wish us luck!!

Thanks for joining us!!
-The BJB Staff