Ball-Jointed Doll Sites

U.S. Based

The Junky Spot - Premium US Retailers of Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls
VOLKS USA - USA version of VOLKS in Japan
Denver Doll Emporium - Seller of BJDs and ABJDs alike.
Mint on Card - Dolls & Dear things, Ball-Jointed Dolls and BJD accessories
Ersa Flora - Shop for Ball Jointed Dolls custom eyes, wigs, and shoes
Safrin Doll - Doll eyes
Luxour Academy - By Princess Tapi

Asia Based

Doll Chateau - Doll Zone's sister company. (China)
Doll-Zone - China's chief BJD creative master. (China)

Impldoll - Everything for your doll and every doll for you (China)

Island Doll - Dolls created with care for you. (China)

Resinsoul - Dolls, Tinies, Clothing, and more (China)

Ringdoll - Spirits between fingers (China)

BambiCrony - For you & dolls, etc. (Korea)

CROBIDOLL - Cross Ambition (Korea)

D.I.M. Doll - Doll in Mind (Korea)

Dear Mine Doll - Pets and Pet Lovers (Korea) 

Dollmore - Everything for dolls and more (Korea)

Doll n Doll - For you and your dolls (Korea) 

Dream of Doll - From your imagination to reality (Korea)

For My Doll Formydoll, for dolls, wigs, and more! (Korea)

HUJOO - Dolls made from ABS Plastic (Korea)

Fairyland - Magical dolls from Korea (Korea)

LatiDoll - English Lati-site (Korea)

LeekeWorld - English Leeke site (Korea) 

NEW MomoDoll - Made for you! (Korea) 

Peak's Woods - A place for your fantasy (Korea) 

Parabox - Doll supplies and OBITSU bodies. (Japan)

(To be continued...)

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