Monday, February 4, 2013

Reopened Shop

Hello again! :) Welcome back! Or, if you just found us, welcome! Thanks for joining us! Pleasure to have you! :D

As you can see, the shop has been reopened!  :)  Newly listed are Art Doll stockings, MSD Stockings, and Yo-SD socks.   I'm currently in the process of making shirts for all three sizes and those will be uploaded by March 1st.  :)  Art Doll clothing is coming along swimmingly, really.  I made adjustments to my test projects (the clothes Lettie has on currently are hand-me-downs and a bodice in-progress). 

So far, homework has been eating me alive, so if I happen to be late with responding to anything, please forgive me. :(  My professor informed me that my class workload is currently the equivalent of a full-time job paired with a part-time job... And I have a toddler on top of it.  Lol.  I've already been told I'm nuts, but most people are encouraging me, so I'm very grateful to them for their support.  Now if only I could finish homework faster, I'd be happier with everything.

 I am, however, doing well with making patterns for the Art Dolls.  Now, please don't misunderstand, this is a learning process, I'm not going to have a full shop of Art Doll clothing in less than a week, but I can still make the patterns and alter them as I test them each when I have a moment or two.  So far, I have patterns for shirts, skirts, stockings, sleeves, cuffs, and dresses all done up to be tested.  Her bodice pattern had to be taken in, so I'm sure her shirt patterns will as well.  Please bear with me as I make this happen.  It is all trial and error until things fit Lettie perfectly.  (No one wants a baggy dress or pair of pants for their doll.  XD)

I DID do Lettie's face-up finally.  Two weekends ago, actually.  My new can of ZM Powder came in two Fridays ago...  And then Justin found my missing two cans in another room's closet just yesterday...  And HE put them there...  -_-  Ah well, at least I am stocked for whenever I get a new doll that needs a face-up or body blush job.  Lol.

I actually had to do some research for Lettie's face-up.  She's a character from my story that is set in 1891, so I had to see what types of make-up they wore back then.  Thank goodness I chose a snow skin doll because fair skin was the goal in the 1890s.  I applied a light bit of "rouge" to her lips and cheeks, and even gave her a pale powder blue rim of "eyeshadow".  It's barely noticeable, but that's how they wanted it back then.  Lips and cheeks only, IF they could get away with it.  Lol.  Now I just have to learn how to make a bustle for an Art Doll... My greatest idea ever...  x_x  Putting Lettie into the 1800s...  -_-

Well, happy February everyone.  :)  Justin worked with me to already get my Valentine's Day present... But shhh!  I'm not supposed to know!!  ;)  Lol.  I'll give you a hint, it's one of my "Grail Dolls".  :D

That's all for now!  This entry has gone on long enough!  (I started it on the 1st!  x_x)  I hope you're all well!!  As always, thanks for reading!

Until next time! ;)

-The BJD Addict