Friday, August 31, 2012

Dollie Dreaming

Well... A lot has happened since the last post...

Dollfie Dream
Saber 2008
I've decided on staying here instead of moving to Justin's... I figure it would be better to just wait until we can officially get our own place together, even though it's better for Kole for us to stay together, it's better for everyone if we just stay as we are...

I've also decided to put Saber on my back-burner. I love her, I want her, but she's going to need A LOT of saving before I can get her... There's one on auction in Japan right now and the price is only ¥11,000 (about $140) with 4 days left, but I know she's going to jump in price ridiculously before the end of her auction, so I'll watch her, but I doubt I will get her... Not yet... 

And, on top of all that, school wasn't being nice to me either... Apparently, my counselor only took walk-ins on Saturdays from 8:30AM-12PM... I needed to see her to rearrange my Financial Aid with an Academic Plan bc of the classes I missed when Kole was born... But I had to wait until the school sent me all the proper emails I needed to see her, and they didn't do that until last week! So, when I was finally able to call, all the counselors are booked up and mine only accepted walk-ins! -.- Just my luck... Apparently, Fate doesn't want me to go to school this year... The first week of classes has gone smoothly so far, but otherwise I'm still waiting to meet with my counselor... September 17th was the first day I could get in that didn't involve a walk-in, so I took it. x_x

Azone Madoka
I want so badly to have everything perfect, but I just feel myself getting more and more depressed that it's not... The only happy things right now are I applied for a job and Kole keeps babbling like a three year old instead of a 1 1/2 year old... And, mine and Justin's anniversary is this Monday... (And I'm clueless as to what I'm getting him!) It's going to be five years this year... It feels like it's been an eternity already. Lol. 

I tired my hand at sewing, but failed to do anything thanks to my machine... It ate my project to shreds and tangled the thread beneath the needle. -.- So, mum had to fix it... Took her a whole five seconds, but still... I need to oil it and give it some good maintenance before I do anything else. :\ So, the Steampunk Set is STILL waiting... Perhaps it WILL be done by the time Fallen's body get's paid off and get's here. :\ Her head should come soon... I'm just not sure when. Lol. I miss her already. >w<

I keep learning more about other BJDs, including the Azone's and Azone/Obitsu hybrids. I've had my heart set on a Kaname, Madoka BJD from Puella Magica Madoka Magi, but I'm debating on making one out of a Mini Dollfie Dream (which would be a REALLY fun project) or just buying the one that Azone made. The Azone one is cute, but her body structure isn't something of which I am a fan. Plus she's about Rolly's size, and I'd rather have her at C.C.'s size. Her school uniform wouldn't be that difficult, but her magical girl outfit will be very complicated. Lol. Perhaps I can just make the whole group one day. I think it would be fun. -^_^-

Well, that's all for now. Update soon, perhaps~!

Thanks for reading~!

♥ The BJD Addict

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving, Messes, and Mayhem

ACK!! Two weeks since my last post!! O.O That's surprising... I fear I might have only 2 or 3 this month, things have been pretty hectic lately... @_@

Last picture I took of the pajamas before sewing.
So, moving might be pushed back to next month... I'm still going crazy with packing and sorting, and figuring out school... I literally picked the busiest month of this year to start moving. x_x But that's ok, we go to Justin's 4 days a week now, so I'm slowly moving things there every time we go... My sewing machine and fabric is already there, but I plan on working this Friday and getting some things done... I may even bring them home to work this weekend for the coming week... I feel so behind since I messed up on the pajamas... I need to make a few of the patterns larger, and resew her pants, lol, I kinda wiggled a bit near the crotch, so they don't lay right. >w<

I'm always tired now... Like I was when Kole was a newborn... I find myself napping when he's cuddled beside me now. Lol. It's nice to snuggle, he even snuggles me in his crib! Lol. You know, I used to think climbing into a baby's crib was ridiculous (still, without reason, it is, sorry folks), but Kole now ASKS every night for mommy to curl up beside him in HIS bed and read him a story. He doesn't want mommy's bed (I give him the option), he wants me to squish my 5'6" self into his 4" long crib. >w< Needless to say, my feet hang over the top of one side, but hey, I love Kole more than life itself, so what's 5-10 mins of being squished? XD

I'm doing more and more research now on many types of dolls. My current research is on Dollfie Dreams and Mini Dollfie Dreams; taking their measurements and such, and writing them in a notebook dedicated to BJD research. (It's a pretty purple Moleskin, I think I'm in love with these notebooks!) But, constantly looking at them and discovering things about them makes me think I am more a vinyl lover than a resin girl. :) So, it makes me excited for a time that I will be able to have one. I've finally decided to add Saber to my wishlist... I know it's a pipe dream, but I'm in love, she's just so perfect! The fiancee tells me, "One day, honey," every time I mention her, but I feel like that day may never come. All I can do is hope and work towards that goal right now, but it'd be nice to have some solid evidence that I might have her one day. Lol. I'd love to find the first Saber, the one from eons ago, and then find her Casual Clothes (like the picture) for her to wear. I'm going this Saber for a Halloween party this year and a Con next year, so it'd be nice to double one day. Lol. >w<

Ahh, but that seems worlds away. >.< Oh well, I do believe that is all I have for today. I think I shall go to bed now, as it's rather late. Lol. Short entry, but still... Time for sleep.

Thanks for reading~! ♥
-The BJD Addict