Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi guys!! >.<
Goodness me, it has been a while!!

Well, let's get this show on the road!  Welcome to another edition of the Ball-Jointed Baby! Brought to you by The Ball-Jointed Boutique!!

Please forgive my epically long disappearance... Life became... Well, hell... >.> But let's stick to the cheery parts, shall we? ;)

So!  First things first!  The girls~!

 A friend of mine who loves BJD, but does not have one as of yet started asking me about C.C., so I decided to take her out for a photo... Which ended up being a GROUP photo. XD  So here they are, my full-body girls (from Left to Right) Chiyo, Fallen, C.C., Talia (in C.C.'s lap), Lettie, and Rolly.  As of right now, I have two floating heads, Arturia (Saber from the Fate series) and Meiko, but hopefully they will have bodies soon.  Arturia is a Fairyland LittleFee Nanuri (2012) in normal skin, and Mei is a VOLKS Mini Dollfie Dream, 04 head in normal skin.  I don't have a picture of Mei yet, she is eye-less and I want to redo her face-up, but I DO have one of Saber.

 Even though I prefer both Fallen (my elf-faery) and Lettie (my girl from the 1890s) in their birthday suits, I did decide to let them try out clothes again.  Fallen's was an accident.  I wrapped her up in a bit of cloth to keep her from getting marked up, and then switched the cloth out for something else when I realized I liked that look for her.  Lol.  So, Fallen ended up wearing a Sari-type outfit with a sash to keep it all together.  Lettie, on the other hand, ended up in an outfit (AND SHOES) I got from a friend.  It is destined for Mei, but Lettie can borrow it for now, even if "school girl" outfits DO NOT fit into the 1890s.  Lol.

Secondly, on May 1st, 2013, the BJB turned 1!!  One whole year old!!  XD  Has it really been that long??

Now, I know I said I wanted to have a give-away for the first anniversary, but yeah, that didn't happen... What DID happen, was my machine giving out on me, finally, after surviving 4 generations of seamstresses.  I am looking, but I have yet to get another one.  :(  Right now, I've been mostly making stockings, we've had a few orders for them, but it's been difficult to make much else and have it turn out lovely enough to sell.  :(  Too many bad test results.  Lol.  So, back to the drawing board.

Now that school is out and I've decided on not going back until Kole is in school, I should have more time to design and make outfits.  I'm still debating with the OOAK outfits on top of the others or just instead of the other sets.  Hopefully, between Kole and working (HELL YES!  I GOT A JOB!! XD), I will have time to make more for the shop by hand.  Hmm, maybe I can take some to work... Some women do their knitting... >.>

On that note, I managed to get my hands on a pack of Indian-looking fabrics from Joann's.  Not sure what the plan is for them yet, but I adore the prints already!  They remind me of henna mendhi designs for hands and feet.  XD  I've been wanting henna for a while now, so I think I was drawn to the pack from that internal longing.  I miss my hands covered in gorgeous, deep brown henna... Even if some people think it's weird for me to have it.

But alright... Time for me to get a move on... I hear the little man waking from his nap. ♥

Thanks for joining me, once again! :D

Until next time!
-The BJD Addict