Friday, September 28, 2012

Enjoying Fall

Hello all! :) Hope everyone is well on this marvelous fall day!

Rolly's pants.
More info at the BJB on FaceBook.
So, I've decided to take up working on all of my girls again, you know, fixing their hair, redoing their face-up, getting/making them new clothes. Talia finally has a wig, though she is now sitting unstrung because of a kicky leg. C.C. is still sitting pretty right now, but that's only because she is still waiting on that ankle replacement from Parabox. :\ The poor dear... And Rolly is happily sporting a new pair of jeans made by yours truly. :) They actually don't look half bad for my first try. Lol. In case you are wondering, I am currently working on warm clothing/fall-winter fashions for the lovelies right now. The jeans will be going to the Ball-Jointed Boutique as soon as I finish embellishing them (which means, as soon as I get jean buttons for them, lol). I also plan on having warm shirts, vests, jackets, stockings, skirts, and scarfs. I'm debating on the idea of mittens, but we'll see how well my test pair turns out before I make my decision.

J.K. Rowling's new book
"The Casual Vacancy".
I also found a book I want to read. J.K. Rowling's "The Casual Vacancy" came out yesterday, Thursday, September 27th, 2012, and she is the whole reason I ever thought that I would be able to write one day. So, naturally, I want to read this book just because it's hers. Unfortunately, there are many people reading it, or not finishing it, and giving it bad reviews for the most ridiculous reasons. Someone bought "A Casual Vacancy" and returned it because it said the "f-word". Now, I don't know about you, but I know for a fact that the Harry Potter books WE (Americans) read were different than the copies in London. Why, you may ask? Because it used many words that we, as children, were not likely to know the meanings of (Philosopher's Stone, for example). THIS novel, on the other hand, is coming over here untouched and unchanged, so all the words they are reading, we get to read. However, back to my original statement, people returned it for the f-word. Really? Are we that touchy as a country that we can't handle swear words in ADULT novels? (Yet we read garbage like "50 Shades of Grey".) I don't understand it. I truly don't. Calling that trashy for curse words, yet reading porn? I just don't get it. 

Also on the subject of J.K. Rowling, during an interview this week, she was told something not so great, to which she responded in the best way ever:

J.K. Rowling herself.
Interviewer: "Unfortunately, your world record for selling the most books was over taken by '50 Shades of Grey'."

J.K. Rowling: "Yes, imagine how many copies I would've sold if Harry was a bit more creative with his wand."

Which is another reason for me to love this woman, however, I'm turning my blog about my dolls and daily activities into a rant, lol. Forgive me. >w< I'm passionate sometimes. Lol. Plus I just love that woman. She truly did make me feel like anything was possible... Though, I am one of those odd children who actually read the Harry Potter books from 1997 (I was 5) forward. I've even read her biography. Lol. She's a pretty cool person to look up to. :)

But, any-who, back to dolls. Lol. Working hard on making fall clothing because I am just so excited that it smells like Samhain/Halloween/All Hallow's Eve outside already. >w< It's making me want to get a blanket and some coffee, grab a book, snuggle with Kole and the girls, and read while listening to the leaves blow off the trees. Keep a weather eye on my store if you're excited for the Yo-SD sized clothing coming out. There will be some up in the store very shortly indeed. :) 

On the topic of VOLKS News, if you wanted to know anything about those three new girls I was talking about in my last post, check out here: VOLKS JAPAN English Site (NOT VOLKS USA) to help you with that information. They've updated it just a tad, but a little goes a long way for those who are excited. :)

Well, thank you once again for joining me. :D

Until next time,
♥ The BJD Addict

Friday, September 21, 2012

1st Day of Fall/VOLKS News

Happy First Day of Fall everyone! :D

Did you open your windows and smells the air today? It smells wonderful outside! I can't wait for bonfires and other fall activities to begin already!

So... Let's see... An actual update... Hmm....

The Steampunk Set is coming along. The stockings are most definitely the easiest part of the whole outfit simply because I know doing them by hand looks better than it would if I did them by machine. Lol. I can't wait to find that stinkin' camera so I can post the next Sneak Peak like I was going to WEEKS ago! @_@ I swear, I'm putting a beeper or something on it as soon as I find it! Then, the next time it runs away, I can just beep it and it will scream, "HERE I AM!" Lol. It would make my life that much easier! XD Especially since my smaller electronics run away screaming half the time anyways. (For those of you wondering how I managed to post pictures of Fallen, my fiancee's tab and my phone take okay pics, but the next Sneak Peak is on the camera's memory card. I wouldn't want to post my EXACT progress just yet... It wouldn't be a Sneak Peak if I did! Lol.)

Fallen now has her eyes. They look to be Poppy Red GLiB acrylics and are VERY beautiful in person and almost match Suzu-chan's eyes completely! Unfortunately, I forgot entirely about needing eye putty, so her eyes are just sitting inside her head and not in the sockets. Lol. So! I added that to my VOLKS USA shopping cart and put it aside for now. Hopefully I'll get those supplies soon. >.< It's driving me mad to have my girls packed away or not looking right. :\

Also, in hunting for information about when VOLKS USA will restock its Dollfie Dreams, I found that VOLKS JAPAN has previews of their new base DDs, MDD Rena, DDS Mayu, and DDdy Miko. All three are set to be released on Oct. 20th, so hopefully the restock here will be sometime afterwards. :D They all look very beautiful and I can't wait to see what people will do with them. :) I'm actually in love with Rena and Mayu myself. Such cuties. (I don't think I like DDdy's at all... I'm not sure why considering I always draw women very well endowed. Lol.)

I found that they released a new head (DDH-07) back in August during an event only held in Japan. It looks uncannily like their Saber Dollfie Dream head, but that's alright by me! One of my friends suggested to me if I can't GET a Saber, I could always MAKE a Saber one day using this head and finding her wig, clothes, and eyes. It's doable, but part of me wonders if part of the dream is to finally be able to GET Saber instead of MAKE her... I'm not sure though. :\  I wonder if I'll ever know... Either way the head itself is another gorgeous sculpt. I hope they decide to let VOLKS USA hold the same event here come October - November. I can say there are some on eBay as pre-painted heads, but those will cost you about $188 just for the head, so the decision is yours alone. ;)

Ahh well, that's all for now... This has become a pretty long update rather quickly. Lol. Sorry about that! ^_^''

Keep an eye out for updates on VOLKS items here. Trying my best to make them as accessible to us as they are in Japan since the VOLKS USA blog doesn't always tell us everything. Lol. (Kind of a shame, really. I like reading about things... even if they don't happen over here. Lol.)

Thanks for joining me! ~♥
-The BJD Addict

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fallen Coming Together

After a long, unhappy, busy week, I finally got to meet Fallen, my DIM Doll Happy Flowne (head).

Her head arrived on Thursday, much to my happiness, safe and sound. I was so afraid that the post man wouldn't leave the box even though she didn't need to be signed for, but he did! Justin's mom hid her on the counter in the kitchen, so I walked in thinking she hadn't arrived. >.>

Her wig arrived yesterday too! A surprise wig from the LeekeWorld wig event. All I did was select her size, select short/med length, and ask for a light blue (Whisper Blue, but they said those were out of stock). I opened the envelope to find a Cadet Blue wedge-cut wig that fits snuggly on her head. :) She looks so adorable! The wig was a pain to get on, but it fits her personality perfectly. :D It hangs just around her ears too! Lol. Those long things. >w< I'm so afraid something is going to happen to them before her body arrives. x_x (Which only has two little payments left! :D)

So, I now have my first floating head. (Who's model is appropriately named "Flowne", lol.) As soon as I get sealant, cleaner, and pastels, she will have the loveliest natural face-up ever. >w< I'm so excited! (And Rolly and Shii-Tsuu will get redone as well... Maybe I should buy TWO cans of sealant... >.>) I even got a nice pair of red 14mm eyes for her for a whole $6!! $6!! (This is cheap for eyes.) I believe they are GLiB, which is fine by me, because I absolutely LOVE GLiB eyes. :3

She's definitely going to look a lot like Suzu-chan afterall. >w< Do you remember Suzu-chan? That elf-girl I posted a picture of SOOOOO long ago? Ahh, well, I guess I shall repost her, so you can all see again! :3 Lol. She happens to be from a Hentai Game... Unfortunately... But that's okay. I just like her for her cuteness. :3 She's just a little sweetheart! ♥ -^_^-

Well, that's it for now... I'm going to swim in my homework once more as my munchkin naps. :) My cute little boy. He's so smart! Last night, he told me he was ready to "S'eep!" and marched off to his room. Once we got there, he grabbed his turtle and a diaper, handed me the diaper, and waited to be changed. He then informed me, all dry, that he wanted to "wear trucks" and pointed to his sleep'n'play jammies. When I asked him about them, he laughed like mad and waited patiently for me to stick his feet in and then put his arms out for the sleeves. I then got cuddles and squeezes, he let me set him in his bed, and then said, "Nigh-nite Mama. Nigh-nite daddy," looking passed me for Justin. Justin came in, the two hugged, and Kole laid down and passed out immediately. Lol. XD My wonderful baby boy. Can you believe he's only a year and a half! His pediatrician asked me (jokingly) if he was 2 1/2 on Monday (his 18 month check up)! Even she is amazed by how quickly he's progressing! XD

Okay, enough bragging. I'm going, I swear! >w< Lol.

Thanks for joining me once again as I try my best to do everything I need to do every day! :)

Hope to see you again soon!
-The BJD Addict

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smoother Sailing

So, now that my first two weeks of school have ended and the hectic beginning rush is over, I'm now settling into a good rhythm. Those stockings from my first sale have been shipped, and my store now has three listings. LOL. A whole three! XD Hopefully, there will be four soon enough. XD

I currently have As in all my classes and I'm getting those needed things (Kole's haircut, temps AGAIN, doctors appointments, Chinese Corner, etc.) out of the way in these passing weeks. It seems to fly by, but at least I'm getting homework and such done as fast as I possibly can. I have limited time with Kole not really napping, always leaving, and needing to take care of things, but I'm glad to be getting it all done. Lol. Yesterday, I had the dishwater running, the tubby running, and dinner cooking all at one time while Kole ran around the house "helping" me. @_@ Needless to say, something had to go wrong, and the dish holder over-filled, but at least the bathtub didn't! XD

The stockings looked perfect! if I do say so myself, I think I'm getting better with each pair; all my stitches were perfectly tiny and the exact same size. Lol. It occurred to me, after reading most measurements, that they would fit SD dolls as well, so that third listing I was talking about happened to be the stockings listed for SDs as well. :) They go over Shii-Tsuu's knees, so they would most likely be crew socks or large school socks on most other dolls, but that's alright, especially for people looking for that "school sock" look. The anime-school sock kind, anyways. Lol.

I'm currently working on invitations for my Mima's Halloween party. She wanted to have a party with mine and my sister's friends, so I'm in charge of getting everything together and making it perfect, as always. Lol. (I'm always in charge of parties with friends. >.>) The invites have Halloween-like font and a cute little anime witch on them. :) I'm actually rather pleased with how they are turning out. I'm really excited for this party. >w< Everyone is supposed to bring a dish and wear a costume, and I am going to go as Saber in her casual clothes from Fate/Stay Night. This way, I'll have one cosplay down for Colossalcon 2013. I'm not sure yet as to what Kole will be, he told me a duckie, but he may want to be a sock monkey too. Lol. So we'll see... That, and Justin isn't sure what he will go as either... Hopefully I can convince him to go as one of his con cosplays too, so we have 2 of 8 down. >w<

I also got an email today from DDE saying Fallen's head shipped! :) So I will be meeting her soon! :D It's actually a good thing today, since the rest of the day was just plain awful. :\ I wont go into detail, but let's hope tomorrow is better. :\ Anywho, I need to order her wig, eyes, and the supplies from VOLKS... as well as buy pastels from Pat Catan's so I can do her face up (an redo Rolly's and Shii-Tsuu's again... >.>), but still, I'm glad she's coming soon. :D I was really beginning to miss her. >w< Lol.

Well, that's all for now. :) Here's hoping for a good night!

Thanks for reading~!

Until next time,
The BJD Addict

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I can't wait for
this to be me.
(Photo from Flickr)
So, the whole reason I started this blog was to work it with my Etsy... Well, it's been 4 months and I finally sold something! LOL. A young woman has purchased a white pair of my MSD school socks for her doll. :) I am SOOO happy!! Lol. Maybe this will help get the word out and help me get more things uploaded into that store! I don't care HOW busy I am now, I need to find a way somehow! x_x 

It just occurred to me that last month only had TWO entries... TWO! Was August really that busy? :( Unfortunately, the answer to that is YES and there's nothing to change it. I wish I had more entries, but I guess I can just hope that I will make more this month.

I'm starting to miss Fallen... My DiM Flowne... She hasn't even arrived yet and I already miss her. >.< It's a good feeling because it tells me I really do love her, but it still tortures me that she has yet to arrive. I wish I could hurry up with her body's layaway... I have 3 payments (per my set up) left, but somehow want the whole amount right this moment. Lol. I should probably make her clothing and order the rest of her supplies (wig, eyes, ZM Powder, pastels, etc.), but I'm trying to save money, not spend it, so maybe some other time soon. Lol.

Well, I'm nodding off, so I best get to bed. Sorry for such a short entry. Lol. Not much to say from yesterday. Lol.

Goodnight all~

Thanks for reading~! ♥
-The BJD Addict