Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Things My Mind is Stuck On

Oh goodness, hello again! :) It seems I will have time to get more than one entry this month.

As you can see, this entry shall be dedicated to those things that I just can't stop thinking about. I mean, seriously, they wont leave my head! So please, bear with me while I gush...

Thing 1: Doctor Who
For the last few weeks, I've been watching Doctor Who and all related things when Kole's asleep for the night and I'm finished with homework. I don't normally watch television, so it was a nice little wind-down after a long day, something I wasn't really used to doing. So now, my FaceBook wall has been all things Whovian for the past month or more, driving my mother mad. She hates it when I get stuck on something.

Thing 2: The Twins
Remember from a super old entry, I talked about two BlueFairy dolls I wanted? The boy and girl version of Choice Leila? Well, they stopped production on the size I wanted (though, they allow the option from the new size), and made them closer to Rolly's size. Now, I can't stop thinking about them. I've wanted them for about 7 months now, and they're just creeping into my mind as often as they can. Lol. Hanna and Hazel... My first little family I created doll-wise. At their new size, they are even more precious, which might be why I can't stop thinking about them, but still, they are a VERY big want currently. Someone tell my fiancee, I already wrote my Christmas list! >w< ♥ It's a very expensive Christmas list, but that's to be expected with BJD. >w< At least two smaller dolls are still cheaper than one large doll.

Thing 3: The Winter Holiday Season
Thanks to my younger sister, I am also stuck on that holiday that comes in the wintertime. For my family and some friends: it's Christmas, for some of my friends: it's Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, for me: it's Yule/The Winter Solstice. My sister wanted to put the tree up LAST TUESDAY! So she and her betrothed (he got her a promise ring, but no engagement yet, they want to finish college) put up a tiny, 2 foot tree on the mantel of our fireplace. It's adorable and has white lights, and white and red bulbs. Which made me decide that I want red and white this year, instead of my usual blue and silver, though I DO love blue and silver during winter. >w< I can't help myself!

Thing 4: Sewing a Yo-SD Winter Outfit
Since I am stuck on the holidays, I decided to make Rolly a new outfit. It's a prototype for my Yo-SD clothing line, but the first copy will be my spoiled little girl's. Lol. I don't really play favorites, I just think it's because she's the first doll that is coming out right when I attempt to make her look like I want. Lol. It's an awful photo (she did NOT want her picture taken whatsoever!), but this is her new dress. I made socks (not the ones pictured) and I'm currently working on the shirt that goes with it, but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. The sleeves just refuse to turn out properly. :( It's going to be a turtleneck, a nice white one, but we'll see if it even works. I may need to go buy more of the white fabric and just start over. I was using scraps from all the stockings I made (or practiced with).

Thing 5: Life
Thing five is mostly schoolwork and the house. I'm all nervous about failing school or about making the house World War III. -_- It's just not making for a fun time right now. I'm currently making three As and a B, but it's taking a lot out of me. This is the first time that I'm almost straight As in school, and it's come with online classes, where I can pay attention, but there is TONS more work to do with each class. And tons of housework I have to do by myself because everyone's logic is, "She's home with Kole while we're gone all day, the mess must be hers." So I do my best each day, and then the logic is, "She does nothing while we're gone all day!" -_- Yeah... Okay... Great... Thanks guys. Love you too! ♥

But anywho, thanks for reading. :) I hope to have more info on the Dolpa with my next post, but no promises. I can only give what is out and available.

Until next time~!
♥ The BJD Addict

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Everything~!

New month, new clothes, new happenings, new dolls, new face-ups, new everything~! ♥

Fallen's body arrived! :) I put her head on and tossed some extra clothes (reject sundress and some stockings) for now. (Though, she's currently in pieces because she needs to be restrung. Her arms would not pose properly.) She's very lovely, and a whole inch taller than Shii-Tsuu.

Fallen and Rolly both got new face-ups, and Shii-Tsuu is cleaned and awaiting her own. I want to make her look like herself, but goodness only knows if she will turn out properly or not.

Rolly got her Halloween dress finished as well. I didn't make a hairpiece, but she still has an outfit. Perhaps I can finish it next year... Add to it and make it look better.

I managed to get new eyes for Talia, and a wig and eyes for Lettie (the Leeke Ariana on layaway). Even some new art supplies and cleaning supplies for the girls. :)

Midterm week and the week after ate me, but I think I did pretty well on my midterms. :) Even finished one class with a B. (Everything else has As, as far as I know. >w< Some grades haven't been full updated yet.) Loads of math homework for today, though, and another English essay to complete. Oi vey, these essays take forever... I hope this one flies by quickly.

Working on designs for Christmas and the holiday season already. Fall Fashions never really got finished from my school workload, so I decided to mush the two together and have it set by December. Let's hope I can do so... x_x Being one person sewing and designing everything is definitely more than I thought I'd be getting into with Kole and school. Hopefully I'll have everything set by or on December 15th. It's my last day of class, so I know things might leak past that, but maybe I can at least get a couple things up. :\ How discouraging. Lol. I have a lot of blue fabric, similar to this snowflake kind, so perhaps I can make some dresses for the holidays. :)

I've been watching Doctor Who (2005) during the night when Kole wont sleep. He hasn't been sleeping A LOT lately, so I've gotten pretty far (I don't want to go to bed with him in the next room up and messing around, I like to know he's sleeping before I finally go to bed). So, I've also been dabbling with the idea of some Doctor Who inspired things for the dolls, like plushies and whatnot, but think I should cover the holidays first... Maybe just some sketches. Lol.

I hope everyone who participated enjoyed VOLKS JP's new base doll sale last month. I would love to see some photos of your girls, if you wanted to send them to me. :) I can add them to the "Fan Gallery" wall. Also, VOLKS Dolpa 28 is coming this December~! I saw a sneak preview with Yo-SDs Kanon and Neon~! If I could, I would LOVE Kanon, but we still do not know if she is available or not. >w< One can hope! I'd love to make her Chika's big sister... Now, to just decide on names... >.> ANYWAYS: The Guide Book is essentially your passport to get into the Dolpa, so you DO NOT need to buy one if you ARE NOT going to the Dolpa (It's in Japan... >.>), but they're always cute to see. The Dolpa is December 16th, 2012, from 10AM to 5PM, Japan Time. I believe you can participate online, but if not, I will update my facts. I wish everyone luck! ♥

Well, this entry is getting waaay too long. Time to go work on some homework. ;) Gotta finish math and add more to that essay I'm dreading. Lol. I also need to work some more on the two outfits my friend ordered. My second order! Wahoo~! She said take my time because she knows I'm busy, but I still want to get them out in a timely manner. It's already been a few weeks. x_x I feel so bad. Between school and family things, nothing is going to plan. I have a wake tomorrow and a funeral on Tuesday. :( Those things are never fun...

Well, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the info~!

See you again soon!
♥ The BJD Addict