Thursday, June 28, 2012

ROLLY!!!!!! XD

Sooo happy today!!! I left a note for the postman (er, Justin did for me, lol) and he left the package instead of returning with it, SO we had a box opening today!!! XD

Meet 许碧 (Xu Bi), my Fairyland LittleFee Rolly, and also my BJD MiniMe. :) ♥ She will have jade green eyes and cream brown hair, and I hope to give her glasses one day. Lol. (Yes, those of you wondering, I LOVE maid uniforms. Lol. I shall have an army of maids one day.) Kole helped me open the package she came in, he even cleaned up all the paper and bubblewrap, and even a Sticky Note that I gave him off of her box. Lol. He absolutely LOVES Rolly already, and so do I. I can't wait to face-up and blush her. :3 I'm rather excited about the whole thing.

Today was also amazing in the business department! I now make about $11.54 an hour!! It's so crazy!! I'm going to be SHOVELING munnies into my savings at this rate! XD And putting more in the dolly fund too!! :) (Maybe I can even start a wedding fund... >.> Though I was told the other day that there are to be no more grad parties, baby showers, or bridal parties in the near future. Lol. My sister's grad party is eating up our lives. Lol.) I'm just so excited!! Overly excited!! Everything is turning out amazingly!! It's nuts!! XD (I'm utterly grateful, as well. I can't just take and not be grateful... It'd be too awful of me.)

C.C. (Parabox Alice), Talia (Doll-Zone Nono),
and Xu Bi (FL LF Rolly)
I now have 3 lovelies with one on the way. :3 (That D.I.M. Doll from a friend? Go back and read it you lazies! XD) I love my little dolly family... And so does Kole. XD He's such a doll fiend! He says "yes" instead of "please" to see things and he's constantly asking for Talia. XD  I guess he just loves teeny tinies. XD Lol.

That's all I'm going to write for now... Going to eat a little and rest some... Didn't sleep well last-night. :\

Sewing and other things to come this weekend and next week. :) So be ready for postings! :D

Thanks for reading!! :D ♥

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy Week #2 and a Wonderful Weekend

Uff~! Is my sister's graduation party OVER yet? XD We've done so much in the past month and a half for this stinkin' party, however fun and useful, and I'm tired! Lol! I think it's moreso all the traveling to Mima's and such. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE helping and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Mima, but I'm just tired of all the running around. It's wearing me out! >o<

Last week, I survived College Hell, painted the pool, swam, put in the pool staircase (it's NOT a ladder, it's steps... 4 LARGE steps... >.>), spent time with my aunts, argued with ppl, turned in my college appeal, and totally screwed up trying to retake the test for my temps. (apparently, you aren't YOU anymore after your temps have been expired for longer than 6 months, doesn't make sense to me, but hey, rules is rules, so I gotta go back up there with my SSC and my birth certificate).

This weekend was nice, however, kinda not as busy as my week, but still rather upturned. Lol. Kole didn't sleep... AT ALL... He's teething and busted his mouth on an umbrella stand on the patio at Mima's, put his bottom teeth right through his lip :( ... so he's in pain. :( My poor baby boy.

D-Z Nono came in, the mailman DIDN'T knock, so we had to travel to the post office to collect her. This was the FIRST time I've been to the post office... Literally, the first. (I know, 20 years and no post visits, odd, right? Lol.) So, we got her, I opened her box in the car, and got to touch resin for the first time ever. >w< She and C.C. bonded immediately, thank goodness, and now they are currently keeping one another company at Justin's house. >w< Her new name is Talia, but I keep calling her 'Tali'. She's just so teeny; she can wear the Tommy clothes I found, but I want to find her a dress or something so she can actually LOOK like a girl... Esp. since her wig wont be here for a while... I should order it AFTER I order Rolly's, but we'll see. XD That probably won't be for a while though, trying to add more to my savings and I'm okay with bald dollies, so long as they aren't naked too. Lol.

Today we had a baby shower to go to... Kole liked all the teddies that decorated the house and kept cuddling them, so his Gramma, Justin's mom, decided we were going to stop at Build-A-Bear on the way home to make Kole a teddy bear. Lol. The two of them picked out a gorgeous and fuzzy almond colored bear with a cream snout and brown nose and eyes. >w< It was so cute to watch him decide. He wanted a Hello Kitty, but we both brought him back to the bears and let him pick one of those. >w< He even put his foot on the pump for the stuffing AND picked out the heart that went inside. XD The noises and kids screaming made him nervous, so we got out of there in a hurry, but he still had fun and that's what matters. :) (Also, I can cross that event off my bucket list. XD)

Well, that's all for now... I should really write Ch 10 of Neko Maid for dA. >.< I've been so sleepy this weekend that I didn't even think about writing! @_@

Thanks for reading~! <3

Gonna try to sew this week... Hopefully... Wish me luck! >w<

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

College Hell and the 'Like's Contest

I did it, as of today I am currently once again a full-time student. I have decided on taking 12 credit hours this semester (Fall 2012), but have to hurdle a financial aid blunder. This is the first time I've ever received financial aid, but apparently, I qualified for my school to buy my books for me for my first two semesters. They didn't notify me until AFTER I bought my books for the second semester. (So after roughly $700 in books had been purchased for the year.) But this year, I'm fighting for it, I'm determined to go back to school and make something of myself. I don't want my children feeling like they can't overcome anything in their lives, and this is a sure way to let them know. (I know I only have one child, but by the time I'm officially a Chinese Translator, I may have more. Lol.)

FL LF Rolly - 25cm
Oooh! And Rolly should be in America soon!! :D Denver Doll Emporium sent me an email saying that Fairyland is shipping their March orders to them soon, so Rolly should be joining them (even tho I ordered her on the 3rd of April, she's basic, so they can just box her up and send her). I'm so excited!! XD She's going to be wigless (and face-up less) for a bit, so I'll just have to dress her and keep her happy. >w< Lol. Hopefully she and C.C. will like one another. :) (Yes, those of you reading and thinking I'm crazy, it's possible for BJD to not like one another. Ex: If you set them down together and they just don't LOOK right. - OR - If you pose them together and they keep falling over. Just go with it, they don't like each other. Lol.)

So, I was thinking about making a contest for a Share and Win event. I'm currently sketching designs for 6 different full-set outfits. I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with the one's I'm currently sketching or make up some new ones, but I DO enjoy the idea of a contest... Especially now that I can use the sewing machine properly. Lol. I was thinking about making it go until we get 100 'Like's but we may reach that before I have the designs finished, posted, and voted on, so I'm thinking 150 'Like's should do the trick nicely. :) I already have a School Uniform, Shinto Priestess, Gothic Lolita, a Japanese Goddess, and a Steampunk outfit. I have 4 out of 6 designs mocked... I don't like my last two ideas, so I'm asking on my page. So far, a pirate outfit, a Victorian outfit, and a sundress set have been suggested, but we'll see which one's turn out the best.The outfits are only for females, but hopefully, soon enough, a good friend of mine will get the male MSD-sized doll she's had her heart set on for a while now, and I can make male ones too. >w<

ALSO! GREAT NOTE! I got a job! XD My friend is starting his electronics business and made me the Director of Operations and the Director of Finance (C.O.O. and C.F.O.). He's such a great person with a wonderful personality, and I'm so blessed to know him. He didn't even interview me or anything, he just asked me if I'd like to work for him, let me arrange my hours to fit my schedule, and gave me two jobs. T-T I'm so unbelievably grateful. So hey, if you are in Ohio and looking for a SmartPhone or iPad for a decent price, come visit our FB page: Wireless My Way. It has all our details, prices, and items. :)

My bald lady. Lol.
And, C.C.'s eyes from the AMAZING Ersa Flora came in yesterday! Poor Ersa Flora fell sick during all her orders, so she took longer than she wanted to (not that I cared at all, I just kept wishing her good health :( she was so miserable). She ended up packaging 3 extra pairs of eyes for me, making all 4 eyes she designed for me to pick which set I liked in person! XD I was so surprised to unwrap them all to find FOUR DIFFERENT designs, and all of them the ones she was showing me via email on paper. When she said she was giving two pairs of extra eyes to each person in the same size, I figured she'd just toss two random pairs in there, not go through the trouble of making every mocked pair she designed for me and sending me 3 extra pairs instead!! x_x I was so jittery when I saw them all I nearly cried! Please excuse the baldness and eyebrow-less-ness, I just wanted a shot of her eyes without her bangs in the way and I have yet to have time to finish painting her face-up. Lol.

Last, but certainly not least, I managed to snag a Doll-Zone December 2010 Limited Nono from The Junky Spot. XD He/She is SOOOO CUUUUTE!!! And I feel so lucky!! He/She should fit Kelly doll clothes from Mattel Barbie's Little Sister Kelly. Lol. I currently cannot find any sz 4 wigs I like in a boys style, so Nono may end up as a girl with magenta hair from Fairyland. Lol. But no idea. >w< So! Time to dig out those old Barbies and see what I got. Lol. Hey, maybe they are worth something now. >w< I searched Google for my Ginger Spy Doll, couldn't find a thing! She might be limited, for all I know! XD And apparently, she was African American to begin with, instead of a curly red-headed woman with freckles. Lol.

Well, that's all for now. :D

Thanks for reading!~ ♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Busy Week and the LittleFee Army

So~ All week long I updated my deviantArt account journal instead of posting little tidbits here everyday. Mini snipits from each one as follows... Lol. It's just easier than retyping everything again. Lol.

Monday, June 11th, 2012 - Please read: D.I.M. Doll From a Friend

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 - Panera Lunch with my girlfriends for some long-awaited catching up. Only 6 out of 10 showed (including myself) and there were 27 total invited.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 - Working on the pool and painting the fence at my grandmother's today. My sister's grad party is this month, so we need to fix everything up nice for all the people coming. @_@ It's taken over a month to complete all this though, so I hope we will have it done by the party.

Thursday, June 14th, 2012 - Group Picnic today at 1pm. It's for Litha, but un-Litha things are going on and people who are not Wiccan are coming. :) So it's more just a fun, get-together day. :)

Friday, June 15th, 2012 - Kole's 15 month check up today. He needs to get two shots, measles and chicken pox. If they're going to make him get Hep A again, I'm making them wait until he's two. He reacted badly last time, they shouldn't give babies so many shots so quickly. I didn't get Hep A until I was 12!

So, yeah, that was my "Busy Week" wrapped up into 5 short posts. Lol. Sorta.

Other than that, I DID find my true want in BJD... Not MSD-sized, though I do love the two I have, but Yo-SD-sized. Fairyland LittleFee to be exact. >w< I want 12 of them... One I already have, but still. (Rolly. Sort of, one more layaway payment and she's mine!! XD)

LF Ante (F) - 25cm      LF Bisou (F) - 25cm      LF El (M) - 25cm      LF Flora (F) - 25cm
LF Leah (F) - 25cm     LF Lishe (F) - 25cm     LF Luna (F) - 25cm     LF Pipi (M) - 25cm
LF Rachel (F) - 25cm   LF Rolly (F) - 25cm   LF Shiwoo (M) - 25cm   LF Soo (F) - 25cm

LittleFee truly are the most adorable things I've ever laid eyes on. >w< I know, it's ridiculous to add so many, but I really do love their sculpts. And their size makes them all the better. >w< So, one day, I shall have a LittleFee army. Lol.

As I said in Monday's post, I didn't get much sewing done this past week. I've taken everything with me to Justin's this weekend, but still only managed a few stitches. Kole + Shots = Fuss Monster, so I've been a little busy... And very tired. Lol. He woke up at 4:30 this morning... And didn't go back to sleep, so Justin and I have been up a while now. It's 3PM, but feels like 6PM. Lol. >w< The only thing keeping us going is how much he giggles when we play with him on the floor together. :) His giggle is so contagious!! We all can't help, but to laugh!

Well, time to go try and get some more done. :) Rather sleepy as I finish typing this... It's taken forever now... Normally I'm done within 10 mins, but this one has taken 20 or so already. Lol. Such a slow person today. x_x

As always, thanks for reading~! Wish me luck~! ♥

Monday, June 11, 2012

D.I.M. Doll From a Friend

Hello and welcome back to the Ball-Jointed Baby~ :D If your just joining us, please find the April 1st entry and begin there, otherwise:

Amidst all my working, cleaning, and sewing, I putzed around the computer for a new wallpaper for my Desktop. During my putzing, I found a beautiful picture of a white haired, fuchsia eyed, long eared elf. After much research, I learned her name was Suzu. I also learned that she was from a rather naughty Japanese game... -.- Why is it that all the good wallpapers are Game CGs? And that the games seem to be naughty ones? Argh! At least the picture is cute, not dirty. Lol.

Suzu from Suzukaze no Melt (c) 2010 - Whirlpool

So, after noticing she was a cute little elf, I decided that she might be a good character to base D.I.M. Doll Flowne on when she eventually arrives. Lol. A friend of mine had her body up on BJD Adoption for sale for WEEKS and no one took interest but me and an, "I wish." So, we made a trade and worked out a little inexpensive layaway, and in 6 months or so, I shall have another gorgeous doll. I'll just need to get her head from Denver Doll Emporium eventually. Lol. XD Otherwise, she'll just be a headless wonder. Lol. I was always taught that every little bit counts, and I'm glad things worked out in my favor. :) This brings my number up to three, two resins and one vinyl. :) (I'm cutting myself off. 3 a year. That's it. My limit. Lol.) Though I have a long way to go compared to those with 40+ in 4-6yrs. >w< Where do they keep them all?! Lol.

I'm continuing work on the dresses. I sewed the LittleFee one one way and the MSD one another way, I'm testing to see which way works out best for this type of dress. So far, I think the LF one is going to come out the best. >w< And the ladybug print is just adorable!! I'm very partial to ladybugs though. >w< If Kole had been a girl, his nursery would have been ladybugs instead of the Cocalo Preston set. >.< I can't wait to see what it will look like on Rolly. JULY YOU CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH!!! XD I'm sure it will look nice on C.C. too, but it will totally clash with her green hair. Lol. She will be wig-less for modelling, I'm sure. >.< Otherwise the picture will look ridiculous.

Well, in other news, I've gone back onto deivantArt to answer my little amount of fans on my Neko Maid story. Lol. They were begging for more and it made me realize I hadn't posted anything in a YEAR; not since my laptop crashed. -.- I felt really bad so I typed out two chapters in a few hours. I have NO IDEA how the original chapter 7 started bc I'm unsure if it's on a runaway flashdrive, so I just wung it, but still. I guess people like it enough to read it either way. Lol. I'm pleased to have SOME fans. >w< It makes me so happy. ♥

I actually planned to do this entry on Wednesday, but decided that I could get two in this week if I did it today instead. I have a really busy schedule this week. >.< My next entry wont be until Friday, I hope. Lol. Kole has a doctor's appointment, his 15 month check up, on Friday, but other than that, it's free of plans. >.< Thank goodness. >.< Bc today is my only other "day off" this week. Lol. So, needless to say, I'm doing a bit of everything in for today.

Hmm... I think that's all for now... I'll add this week's adventures in on Friday. :) Going to go work some more.

Thanks for reading~! ♥ Wish me luck!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sundress Day

Dress Front
Whoo-hoo~! The sundress is DONE!!! XD The camera cord FOUND!! And the camera CHARGED!!! How did I do? :) My first lined clothing item... :)

I plan on making them all print on the outside, solid color on the inside like this, but I do NOT have anymore of the blue star/moon fabric. It was a scrap from an older bit of fabric my mother bought me when I was younger. The rest of it was made into a pillow and a purse, both long-since finished and stored away. Lol. But I would like to make like a pink print and a purple print... Perhaps a gray one... So I should go up to my favorite fabric store and pick out some remnants. Oooh! Maybe I could make one with that green ladybug fabric! *searches for ladybug fabric in box* I could line that one with red for sure *digs further into box*. Lol. But I definitely need to get another blue print and some more solid colors. >.< Scraps only get you so far. Lol. >w<

I'm debating on getting out the machine and doing the hem or just leaving it alone since its lined and looks ok as it is. If my machine could do a fancy stitch, I'd totally do it, but I don't think it can... I never really looked for anything other than a straight stitch. Lol. A friend of mine has this neat machine that does petals and leaves and vines instead of just plain stitches. She decorated a dress she made with the vines and leaves and it looked amazing!!

Dress Back
I've decided, since I'm getting Rolly soon, to make LittleFee sundresses and sell them too. XD I'm going to make the ladybug dresses next; one MSD, one Yo-SD. I already have them cut and waiting for me to do tomorrow. I've officially decided to use the machine. :) It will go SOOO much faster and look much more professional than this mistake pile. Lol. I had to ask the Master Seamstress (a.k.a.: my mother) to help me fix all the mistakes, and she told me how to line it properly for the next time. XD Lol. It's so awful, but so wonderful in the same sense. At least I'll know how to do it right this time.

Lot's of cleaning and working at Mima's lately. And parties and such too. >w< Kole even told me he is ready for a big boy potty. He's almost 15 months old (this Sunday) and he's asking to use the potty when he's peeing. Lol. It's actually quite adorable. And ridiculously smart... Kole literally learns a new word or phrase each and every day!! It's so wonderful and sad at the same time. He isn't my little boy anymore... He's a mini man now. Lol. My big boy. :)

But any-who, I should have the sundress listing up by tomorrow night, but saying that now might jinx me and make something come up. -.- It seems like every time I post about something or blog about it, it doesn't happen. Lol. So let's just hope it's up by this weekend. And hope I can post pictures of C.C. trying on the sundress before the weekend is out (since Justin didn't bring her to me these past two days @_@). *crosses fingers*

Rolly~ ♥
Oh yeah, one more payment on Rolly and she's mine~! >w< It makes me so happy!! Lol. Now she just needs a wig... >.> Since she already has a wardrobe... Lol. The shoes I want for her are sold out though... And I need to find shoes for C.C. too... I may need to order those from Parabox. @_@ Which means it'll take a month or so for them to get here... Lol. Tho, the wig is from LUTS, so that might take a while too. >w< Ah well... It'll be worth it. :) Everything wonderful is worth waiting for... Always... ♥

Well, that's all for now. :) Thanks for reading everyone~! See you again soon!! :D