Sunday, December 16, 2012

Working Hard... Again~

Hello again, everyone~! ♥ Thank you for joining me once again as I unravel the coils of thread in my life. Lol.

Some of our yummy cookies. >w<
Oh goodness, it's been such a long time since I've posted! x_x I'm beginning to hate the holidays. They eat me up and don't spit me out until two weeks AFTER. x_x Oh dear, have I been busy! Just yesterday, my family (munchkin and all) made sugar cookies... two LARGE batches, baked, cooled, frosted, and sprinkled. >.< It took about 9 hours to complete... 9 hours... for cookies... with seven people and a toddler... (well, 5-6 people, since someone was ALWAYS chasing Kole, lol).

As you know, I have been working on winter clothing and outfits. Currently, I am working on a snugglie pair of pajamas and a snowflake set for yo-SD, a pair of pajamas for MSD, and those two outfits my friend commissioned ages ago. x_x (I feel so bad that I haven't been faster with them... :( Things are so busy lately that I don't get up to the store as often as I'd like... And this fabric is proving to be hard to find... I may need to order it... >.> Or buy it in white and dye it the proper color...)

Chinese character for "jiā" (family; home).

Whew! To sit down! XD It's nice! I finally have a moment to type! With the holidays so close and school just letting out, I've been trapped doing this or that every moment of every day until I finally hit the pillows after midnight. x_x (And then waking whenever Kole has a nightmare. :( My poor dear.) I managed to ace my Chinese final, get a B on my English final essay, and a C on my math final (I'm VERY bad at math, so it's passing, I'll take it! XD). School let out last Monday, though, so I'm done for now until January 22nd. :)

Well... I do believe my entire schedule until after Christmas is full to the utter brim. >w< There's pictures and gingerbread houses, last minute decorating and shopping, and all sorts of friendly time to be spent. :) I'm both happy and flustered. Holidays are not my thing... Especially when family members do nothing but make you feel guilty about not being able to be in 3-4 places at once... Ahh well, I suppose if I live to tell the tale, I shall write a snipit of how it goes afterwards.

Okay, that's it for now, I should go and get ready for bed. I am utterly spent after this long weekend... z_z

Thanks for reading, as always. :) Hopefully I'll have more to write next time... Updates and such... But for now, this will have to do.

See you next time~
♥ The BJD Addict